Sumo wrestler's retirement offer rejected despite breaking COVID-19 rules


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How on earth can you Reject a persons wish to retire?

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It says the rejected his “offer” to retire.

He probably said something like “I’ll retire if you want me to” and they replied “No, that’s no necessary”, thus rejecting his offer.

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CrickyToday  04:04 pm JST

How on earth can you Reject a persons wish to retire?

pits an appeal from the federation that there are a few get out of jail free cards in life. Thought it was a decent gesture. Better than cancelling the young chap.

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If Abi retires then the Sumo organisation needs to pay him out a lot of money. This is most likely why they rejected it.

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Top Tier Sumo Fighters have been "kicked out" for lesser offenses.

Abi potentially could have infected hundreds of innocents, both colleagues and spectators.

This punishment is "wrong" on every level.

Abi should go.

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How on earth can you Reject a persons wish to retire?

We have examined your offer to retire, and at this time we feel it is unnecessary. We wish you success as you continue your Sumo career.

Easy, eh?

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Call me cynical, but I wonder if the result would be different had one of the Mongolians pulled the same stunt...

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