Sumo wrestler catches on quick as he learns to be defensive lineman for Colorado State


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Just a tiny glimpse into why he's a sumo grand champion.

Amateur "grand champion". And whether he succeeds or not will all be about his stamina to play more than 10 or 20 seconds a game.

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Sumo wrestler can run!

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Since he is learning from Buddha he has a very wise teacher who should be able to guide him on the correct path :)

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Refreshing to see Hanada go American football in my home state over sumo. I would bet the mountains, fresh air and atmosphere at CSU is a revelation for him, and happy to see a young Japanese person make a decision that encourages adventure and a broader scope for him.

It's good to see an open minded young man choose a lifestyle in Fort Collins. CSU is a nice place to hang for a college athlete. They're 60 minutes away from top rival Wyoming, and another 60 minutes away from CU in Boulder. It's not an attention grabbing school, but have a legit sports program, and pragmatic choice of majors from a vet school to building management to farming in the form of agricultural sciences.

Good luck to him, and hope he plays!

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@sunfunbun, I'm with you. I've watched a lot of live sumo competitions in Japan and if that young man can move his skills to the NFL or CFL after college, all the power to him. I'll be looking for news coverage of him when I'm back in Japan in October.

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good career choice!!!

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Good luck to him! Stay low, get mean and don't get rolled up on.

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I always thought Yokozuna great Chiyonofuji would have been a great middle/inside linebacker. Speed, strength, smarts and tenacity.

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I remember back in the 1990s, yokozuna Wakanohana went to the U.S. and was trying to get into football. He was a bit small. This guy seems bigger but it's mostly about technique and leverage. Good luck!

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Of course he is catching on quickly. Sumo, much like real football (ie. NOT soccer) is a very cerebral sport, much more so than rugby. Colorado State is lucky to have this ambassador of sports from Japan on its roster. Hanada will surely lead his Rams to glory at the Rose Bowl, and perhaps an undefeated season, as long as the offensive side does its part. Perhaps, in for years time, he can play for the Rams in the NFL.

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I expect him to open the floodgates for other Japanese sumo wrestlers into College football and the NFL, just like the Polynesians did before. I'm rooting for him.

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