1st sumo wrestler tests positive for coronavirus


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Good chance other stable mates are also infected.

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Also a good chance that he is going to pass away from this... Obese people seem to have complications from covid-19.

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At least he got a test and receiving proper treatment. Funny how all those famous people can get the tests but common people have almost no access.

For us common folks, we get sent home with pneumonia and have to pray for the best that if we lose conscience someone will notice and call the ambulance and we reach the ICU on time.

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Well, you can´t have both "social distance" and Sumo practise, so it is reasonable to assume his whole stable has it. But since they are healthy and young, there should be no problem.

But maybe they should cancel the upcoming tournament this time.

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Obese people seem to have complications from covid-19.

Obesity is a major risk factor, but the sumo wrestlers are not exactly your typical overweight couch potatoes... I don´t think that is valid comparison.

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But since they are healthy

Err, come again?!

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You don't need to show symptoms to be infecting everyone around you, why doesn't anyone in Japan understand this?

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Cancel the Spring tournament. All sumo wrestlers must be in isolation for two weeks. after this period conduct mandatory testing of all before deciding on the next steps. Public safety first.

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I wonder whether obesity counts as one of the 'underlying health conditions'.

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You don't need to show symptoms to be infecting everyone around you, why doesn't anyone in Japan understand this?

Because that’s what the Japanese MHLW Q&A page says:

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Because that’s what the Japanese MHLW Q&A page says:

Wow, that answer in their Q&A is highly irresponsible.

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YES...Obesity IS a major underlying health condition.

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Wow, that answer in their Q&A is highly irresponsible

MHLW and Japanese government have been releasing a lot of false and misleading information on the virus to downplay the disease. However, if any criticize the Japanese government or MHLW, the post would get deleted quiet quickly, not just here but in a wide array of Japanese sites.

That kind of censorship/repression of dissent results in the Japanese public being massively misinformed with regards to the disease, and people taking it very lightly. The government improved slightly on the messaging to at least recognize the spread in Japan (only after declaring the emergency this week did they change that message!) , but it is still completely out of line with the scientific community, the current message make it that people can only get infected if all 3 C's are true, and people are safe as long as they avoid locations with all 3 C's. This is why you see so many people still out in the streets, going to nomikais, and otherwise attending private events.

When you have the media and everyone in chorus cheering the government and its glorious leaders, while systematically repressing and censoring any opposing views and criticisms, there's no way you'd get an effective response.

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Considering the close physical contact and heavy breathing that goes on in the dojo, chances are nil that he is the only one who is infected.

So far as weight is concerned, I doubt it is a risk factor. There are people who are thin who are at a greater risk than a sumo who is not only active, but engages in hours of strenuous activity every day. These guys are big due to the nature of their work, but are not fat slobs. They are athletes who train hard. Ever heard of the term "skinny fat"? If not, check it out.

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"A Japanese sumo wrestler has tested positive for the coronavirus, further threatening postponement of next month's Summer Grand Sumo Tournament which has already been delayed."

I love how sumo -- no different from with the Olympics -- is bending over backwards to try and go on with things despite the virus still not coming even close to a peak yet, and now not just 9 members of the JSA, but the wrestlers themselves coming down with it. They think this guy, if he survives, and I hope he does, will be ready to roll come May? Sumo is a 100% contact sport, as well as them touching the salt, sweating all over the place, and then there's the hazing and training. Cancel it for the year, or risk many others getting sick and possibly dying.

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