Sunderland adds to Manchester United's pain


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Moyes looks terrible. I'll always like and respect him for what he did for Everton and I was shocked to see him in a recent interview. He looks about 10 years older than when he left Goodison.

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The 72-year-old Ferguson, though, continues to loom large over his successor, watching at the Stadium of Light in his role as a United director on another miserable night for the club he managed for more than 26 trophy-laden years.

Worse was seeing Sir Bobby Charlton shaking his head with disappointment at the end of the match... :-(

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Man U will be glad when this season ends?

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After reading some excerpts from Fergie's book on the subject of Moyes, I'm convinced that he got the job primarily because he's Scottish. It seems too silly to be true on the face of it, but I think it is.

If it wasn't for Sir Bobby's personal dislike for Mourinho this might not be as bad as it is.

Although Moyes is the one looking like Skeletor, its the Glazers who are the real villains however.

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Oh dear! Big money team = a lack of passion and millions of glory hunter fans, lol!

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Well at least we have the second leg to turn things around . I know it sounds like straw clutching but the way we are playing at the moment its like the 1970's all over again .

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I didn't see anything on JT about the death of Eusebio. I'm sure Moyes wishes he had someone with a tenth of that talent at the moment.

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I didn't see anything about Eusebio here but I did see it written up on Yahoo News. Amazing turnout in Lisbon to honor him.

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I think it just shows what an incredible force Alex Ferguson really was. As a Man City guy, I can say I both admired him intensely and despised him in equal measure. He caused me great personal injury for many years. United now need to give Moyes the time to establish his own team and legacy, and need to accept that the incredible Ferguson Years can not simply be replicated by another. That was a special time, and most football teams will never see the likes of it.

Welcome to everybody else's world.

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