Sunderland stun United in League Cup semifinal


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Oh dear. I was really hoping for a Manchester Derby Final.

United just aren't up to it.

There is always next year, fellas.

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One of the sh***iest penalty shootouts I've ever witnessed. Lol.

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Well done to Sunderland. Poyet has done a good job since taking over and they look good to stay up. I heard Mata looks like he's on his way to Old Trafford. That's the kind of quality they need to be looking at. Is it too cynical to say Chelsea being willing to flog Mata to Man U shows that they no longer see them as a threat?

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Looks like a lot more Manure jersey's will be up for sale on ebay today to help fund their glory hunter fans new Arsenal or man City ones, lol!

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Moyes really is a loser. He has managed to ruin a League winning team in just less than a season. Why on earth United appointed him when they could have had a proven manager is a mystery. Fergie maybe wanted to loser to follow him to make his achievements shine even brighter.

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Manchester United’s wretched season has reached a new low

Just how low can you go? Can you imagine a MU team under Ferguson desperately trying to hang on to a 1 - 0 lead at home to............ Sunderland?

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Simon Under Fergie MU would have fielded a second string for this competition and trounced Sunderland. Moyes is second rate and Glazers should dump him. Buying Mata for 37million is a sign of desperation with no real plan for fixing things.

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Mata is a class player who's proved his quality in the Premiership and is on his way out because of problems with Mourinho rather than lack of ability. He's been one if the best players in the league over the past few seasons. The way to fix things at Man U is to bring in class players. The likes of Buttner, Young and a 40 year-old Giggs wouldn't get within a mile of the City or Chelsea bench in any competition. I doubt there's a manager in the world who could lead that current squad into the top 4 apart from Ferguson. He was good, wasn't he?

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He was. Good article in the Telegraph comparing Moyes to Graham Taylor. Seems like an apt comparison to me. Challenge for MU is they don't have the money that City and Chelsea have. also have to wonder why Mourinho so keen to get shot of Mata to MU. Despiter personal difficulties, if he thought he would make such a difference to MU he would surely delay the move.....

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The glory hunter were moaning about Fergie in his first season i recall. Don't worry sack Moyes, spend tens of millions on new players as instant glory is all that matters, pathetic.

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Wakarimasen - and Taylor got the moniker 'Turnip' ( I remember the Sun headline "For God's sake man, just go). And in a similar vein some in the media are making references to how similar Moyes looks to Frank Spencer of 'some mothers do have them'. He is becoming a figure of fun. Those who say Fergie struggled in his early days forget that he came to MU with previous in winning in Europe with Aberdeen so was worth sticking with +, and this is a big plus, he knew what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it.

To be fair when watching MU last season I was thinking this is not a great MU team and some new blood is needed but the drop in standards has been staggering. Pre match Moyes said to the press when asked what the goal was he replied "to win by a least 1-0". I think that says all you need to know about Moyes. His team are EPL champions playing a team in the relegation zone and he wants to win "at least" 1-0.

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@Wakarimasen The Mata transfer is a strange one. The only sense I can make of it is that it's good business as Man U are desperate for a top 4 push and will pay the huge transfer. I can only assume that Mourinho regards a post-Ferguson Man U who can't compete financially with City or Chelsea as no longer a threat this season or in coming seasons. Many Man U fans agree with me that Man U's squad needs a major overhaul with what quality it has aging. Enormous spending is needed and it's doubtful Man U can keep throwing 30 or 40 million quid around.

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At least they've avoided getting pumped 6-0 by City in the final.

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falseflag. Difference is Fergie arrived at United when they had not achieved much in the previous years and had a decent trrack record. Moyes inherited a champion team and has no track record to speak of. Not a question of spending more money, but managing what he has better

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It was a very poor performance by the team that further highlighted the need to invest in better players and off load most of the dead wood that they have . Moyes has a six year contract and so should be safe till the end of next season as the glazers would not be willing to off load him and shell out the comp .Moyes is a good manager and should be given the chance to prove whether he is a top flight one (or not ). And hopefully the season cannot get much worse, we are l think just about safe from relegation so thats some thing to be grateful for .

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Maybe he let Mata go as a sign of good faith for when he starts asking for Rooney again at the end of this season ... I think the pressure is starting to pile up on Moyes now. I don't like Man U but I'm starting to feel sorry for them ...

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Mata coming looks like the final nail in the coffin for Shinji Kagawa's career at United. Apart from a few CL games where Mata is cup-tied, I doubt Kagawa will play for them again. They're very similar players, will Moyes know how to use Mata anyway?

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Moyes out.

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i would say that's an easy trophy for city now, but after last years F.A. cup you never know.

Of note, that was the worst penalty shoot out I've ever seen!

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