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Verstappen's like royalty as Dutch king watches home win


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Good job.

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Max, unfortunately for this Lewis fan, drove an excellent race.

The biggest difference was his maintenance of speed when he pitted and was on the hard tires, while Lewis wasn't quick enough on mediums. Pretty much the Red Bull was as quick on hard tires as the Mercedes on mediums, and consequently, it was Max' race.

Nice drive by Gasly. The crowd was amazing, and the track with its banked curves gave camera views that were enjoyable. It was promoted as Monaco with banks, but proved to be more entertaining with some nice passes and racing.

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Mercedes needs to be near flawless to beat RB. Toto's been a bit conservative in his decisions and Lewis comment, 'what, and don't race?' shows the difference between a long term strategy from Wolfe vs. Hamilton's competitive desire.

Of course, the tires have to be watched, but likely Hamilton knows how to make his tires get thru to the end of the race, and some risk has to be taken to try and beat Red Bull, this season.

It's going to take something a bit out of the box for Mercedes to beat the quite a bit quicker car, but Wolfe knows a second in this race is more important than a win, so both he and Lewis have their case how to run such a race.

It's interesting to watch the team dynamics of Mercedes being the slower car. Perez constantly on the outside is helping Hamilton's case, and he still has a chance to win the championship. He is the better driver, imo.

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Some say it was a boring race, except for Max fans of course, but I found it gripping throughout.

A sinuous circuit in the dunes that looks fun to drive. I suspect it will remain in the calendar.

Looking forward to the rest of the season.

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hup holland hup.. look how oranje it is in the background!

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Hamilton disagreed with a team order on Lap 55 to preserve the tires rather than risk damaging them by chasing too hard.

“What, and don’t race?” asked Hamilton, who got the go-ahead to continue.


Champions should race

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