Chinese swimming star defends failure to take doping test


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He should have to right to refuse being injected with a needle and having his blood taken against his will.

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If he and others refuse a drug test then they should not be allowed to complete. Why was the blood vile smashed.

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The vial was smashed by his mother.

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He should have to right to refuse being injected with a needle and having his blood taken against his will.

He does have this right, but he doesn't have a right to compete in FINA sanctioned events without complying with their rules.

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How many FINA athletes have the same issue?

That is very telling of this one person.

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If refuses then he should not be allowed to compete in those events. Simple!

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He who has nothing to hide does not impede officials doing their duty.

He who is a drug cheat and knows he is about to be caught again, breaks rules and blood vials about to be sent for testing.

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If he had nothing to hide, why did his mother instruct the bodyguard to smash the ? Oh, the "protocol" wasn't followed. He could have come out looking like gold (pun intended) if he had willingly given the samples and then filed a protest about the protocol and his samples come back clean. He didn't and even if nothing happens here, his medals are forever tarnished and he will always be considered by many to be a cheat.

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It would take cojones to ban him,but governing bodies lack the necessary gumption, which is a big problem in the world nowadays.

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Then he can't compete, simple as that. He's already been proved to be a drug cheat before, do you need any more proof?

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A refusal to provide a sample is equivalent to a positive test

IF the blood is clean, there's no reason to smash the samples since it'd come out negative regardless if he protests against the inspectors

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Indefensible. Only choice is bluff and bluster.

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No surprise. East Germany in 1972 started the doping for athletes. Communists government do not understand free and fair anything.

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