Swimming Australia says bad treatment a decades-long issue


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A powerful article. Amazing.

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The unhappy Olympics?

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Their appearances should be irrelevant to the goal of winning as many medals or championships as possible.

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Perverts in the US gymnastics set up, perverts in the Japanese judo(?) set up, now Aust swimming. You can be sure the list goes on and on. And for what? The planet is dying and we're still talking about ridiculous "sporting" (who can evade the doping tests most successfully?) events. Wake up folks! Scrap the Olympics.

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Uhm, so what is the problem exactly?

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If you're asking me, I'm referring to the carbon footprint of all the people, from all the countries, flying around the world talking about organizing these corrupt events, then organizing them, then participating in them. Then take F1 racing events as another example. One of many other examples. I repeat: The planet is on its knees, and people are still stuck on trivial garbage like this. Scrap this stuff for good, or at least until we can produce energy and travel internationally in sustainable ways.

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