Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee Photo: REUTERS file

Ikee books Olympic qualifiers spot after leukemia treatment


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Ikee is the real inspirational female Japanese sports star the Japanese media should be following!

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totally agree.

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Couldn't agree more.

I think the media and a certain politician felt she let them down by getting sick!

For them they saw her only as a gold medal certainty who was going to deprive them of Olympic glory.

They didn't see her as the very decent,hardworking,inspirational person she really is.

Good luck to her in the future.

People like her give Japan hope.

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I'm so happy for her after all she's been through.

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Cancel the Tokyo Olympics. Ikee can come back in 3 years.

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Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee is an inspiration.

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Good luck on the comeback and stay strong and cancer free.

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"I can't say that I'm aiming for it now," Ikee said when asked about her chances of competing at her home Olympics. "When we start to get results that are world-class, we will think about it at that time."

If this is Ikee warning people to not expect too much, too soon, I hope people listen to her.

She's clearly been through a lot and there should be no extra pressure on her to win just to perfect the feelgood story. She's a winner and an inspiration regardless of gold medals.

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Just awe and respect. What a lady. Japan should be grateful for her. An inspiration, an example.

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I hope she makes it!

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Absolutely! Not only Japanese sports but also worldwide sports coverage have to talk a lot more about such inspirational stories because those stories tell a lot about human resilience in the face of huge adversity.

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