Swimmer Ikee resumes light exercise as she battles leukemia


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Good luck to the young lady.

She is a true inspiration and role model.

My hat is off to her......I wish her a full recovery and a return to winning ways.

That reprobate who only commented on her illness because it might affect Japan medalling in 2020 deserves being cast out on his ear to put it much more mildly than I would like.

Godspeed Ikee-san you are awesome.

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Best wishes to Ikee and her loved ones.

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I wish her the best. She has a tough battle ahead. I'll definitely say a prayer for this wonderful young woman.

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How about a national program for bone marrow registry? Certainly someone in Japan has compatible lymphocytes.

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Thomas Robert MountcastleToday  09:42 pm JST

“How about a national program for bone marrow registry?”

Already exists:

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Good for her. Sending nothing but love your way.

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Good luck.

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Wow.... how are the guys who said her cancer was a nuisance to the gold medal toll going to take credit for this?

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