Swimming star Ikee says battle against leukemia 'harder than I thought'


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You bet it'll be harder than previously thought. We don't really don't how hard it is until we're really there, face to face combating that specific disease, illness and/or injury.

Wish her the best and I hope she comes out victorious from her battle ahead.

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I hope she will beat this. I hope science and medicine can help her beat it. Really do. Win this one Rikakochan.

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I hope she just focuses on getting well. Swimming should be second. That will anger the many, MANY Japanese who are disappointed about how this Young woman's health will endanger a potential gold medal in 2020, including JOC members who publicly said as much, but those people deserve a good kick in the head.

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Treatment must be a chemotherapy now which she has to endure very terribly, probably not necessary marrow transplant yet. I hope she recovers soon.

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Our prayers are with you.

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I really had no idea what it was nor how hard it would be either. I definitely know all about it now. Every time I hear about someone getting leukemia, it shakes me to my core. It must really be tough for someone so young and with such a promising career ahead. Hope she has people around her who are 100% focused on her health and only that until whenever, and keep her smiling and upbeat. After you lose your health and have to battle for your life, you find out how things like money, fame, medals, etc are not nearly as important as you once thought. I am really praying for her.

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