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Swimmer Seto to sit out rest of year as punishment for affair


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Nonsense. Who care's about their private life?

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It sounds like Japan already lost one medal.

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Disappointing, no stoning to death? I thought that's what sharia prescribes.

Seriously now, moral rules apart, is there any legal ground to punish somebody for a private issue that didn't break any law? Probably there is something in his contract mentioning that he should do his best for the image of the sport / association, but punishment?

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It’s amazing isn’t it. A swimmer has an extra marital affair and potentially sees his livelihood ripped away (loss of sponsorship and support from the governing body, possibly missing out on future team selection etc.). Yet politicians and CEOs embroiled in financial scandals, or actual crimes, do the deep bow and offer to return a % of their salary for a bit and everything is hunky dory.

He had an affair. That may be immoral, but it’s not illegal. Can you imagine what would happen if every regular worker was held to this same standard?!

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He had an affair. That may be immoral, but it’s not illegal. Can you imagine what would happen if every regular worker was held to this same standard?!

And can you imagine if wishes were horses? Beggers would ride!

But here in the real world there are different expectations for different roles.

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Huh. Amusing. The world champion, sort of, gets put on the shelf - though only prevented from participation in official activities for the remainder of the year aka three months. By an 'ethics committee'. But, he is free to compete. Affairs are verboten by contract. What about the employ of sex workers, is that okay, as it lacks emotional intimacy and is a business transaction?

Apparently, the image doesn't match the actuality, who would have thunk it. If he loses his revenue stream from All Nippon Airways, perhaps he can re-image as a promoter of 'love hotels'.

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Just a teeny tiny bit of hypocrisy in the land of the rising love hotel.

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Imposing moral codes on people is taking things a bit too far.

An affair is unethical, it is not a crime.

Sponsors have the right to pull out if it affects their brand, but banning him from sports, even if it is for 3 months, is not acceptable

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In a world where affairs are as common as having a hobby, this punishment is draconian. I hope Seto-san wins a double gold next year and shuts up those on their high-horses "outraged" by his "immoral" behaviour.

Go Seto-san!

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Japanese swimming star Daiya Seto will not take part in any official activities for the rest of the year as punishment for an extramarital affair, the Japan Swimming Federation decided Tuesday.

Great. How many events are actually left in Corona 2020? 1? 2?

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When you live on the big stage, your indiscretions become a big deal. It goes with the territory.

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