ski jumping

Takanashi sets sights on Olympic ski jumping gold


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Number of medals and wins confuses me but few golds? I do not get it.

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I love this girl, she's brilliant! And she will get the gold.

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Ganbarre, Sara-san ! You rock ! Keep up the good work ! See you on the center podium in Pyeongchang ! ! !

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Takanashi won in windy conditions on the same hill to match the all-time record of 53 World Cup victories held by Austria’s Gregor Schlierenzauer.

The hype will enter in overdrive when she wins number 54 which she will and will be hailed by the J-media has the greatest all time ski jumper at the tender age of 20. Ridiculous indeed. It is like holding the record of a soccer player in the Indian or indonesia league over that in that in the Premier league.

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