People walk past a TV screen showing the image of Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama in Tokyo on Monday. Photo: AP/Koji Sasahara

Tears and cheers as Matsuyama Masters victory thrills Japan


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Being proud of accomplishments you had nothing to do with.

(And feeling superior to people you have never met.)

There is nothing wrong with feeling pride in a countryman’s accomplishment (and Kajitani’s amateur win). Twisting that to mean that this pride implies some sort of overall superiority is far fetched. The Olympics is based entirely on national teams. The intent is good natured competition over more serious things like war. If you are one of those self-hating Americans who believe the very foundation of your nation is built on slavery- I get where you are coming from. For the rest of use we are enjoying the moment and congratulate Japan for their shared joy.

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A great breakthrough for Japan !.


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Marti- not quite on the same level, but would have been nice. It was mentioned on the Masters live broadcast, though.

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This was a brilliant hard-fought win for Hideki - he held off the challenges well, and is a highly-respected professional and very worthy winner.

Just one thing though, in all of the effusive tributes in the JT report here, it was a shame that there was no mention of the success achieved last week by Tsubasa Kajitani, who won the Augusta National Women's Amateur Championship - which would have been nice in the new gender-conscious Japan. Just saying......

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'' at a time when the impact from coronavirus is lingering''

Hopefully this is just a bad translation because it sure is more than' 'lingering' '.

Congratulations Matsuyama on your achievement

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Great! First the Ikee story now this. Great. Next the World cup.

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we here are successfully showing Japan Strength to the rest of the world! 


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Listening to that tv presenter choke up was actually quite moving. This means the world to so many Japanese golf fans. What a great day for Japanese sport!

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omedetougozaimasu! tennis,and now golf! we here are successfully showing Japan Strength to the rest of the world! I am very happy today with all these good news

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Fairly sure I taught Matsuyama from Matsuyama when he was a kid. Wasn't that keen on English from what I remember if it was the same one.

I am sure the people in Ehime will be rejoicing right now.

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Run this up your flagpole! Let’s not forget the other hero in his life: Mei Inui

His wife and former caddie, Mei Inui. She kept him positive when things were tough. They married in 2017 and a new baby in July. 

Congratulations to the Matsuyama family.

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Public broadcaster NHK carried interviews with delighted residents of the golfer's hometown, Matsuyama city in Ehime Prefecture.

Good for him! Glad that Ehime can get some attention, it seems like a neat prefecture.

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Being proud of accomplishments you had nothing to do with.

(And feeling superior to people you have never met.)

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おめでとう。Now every Nihonjin & their mom will be an overnight golf fan/expert.

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From the article:

- “Fans flooded to congratulate the country's new sporting hero...”

Where? Into the streets? Someone, quick! Chain down ‘the Colonel’ before he’s thrown into the Dotonburi again.

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Congratulations. Thank you," a presenter said as two golf commentators next to him struggled to hold back tears.

Surely this isn't real.

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"I can't see through my tears," one fan tweeted.

Oh dear

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Japan’s New ‘Rising Son’! - (a bit much?)

*Regardless, *Congratulations to Hideki Matsuyama!

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