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Teenage Japanese table tennis star told to enjoy salad days


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As a certified nutritionist, I would support his coaches' concerns. Any athlete aiming for the world-class level needs to have a better diet than just starch and meat. A good amount of veggies will help support his coordination and endurance. But if those green peppers are pickled, don't bother, kid...

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"dislikes tomatoes and carrots"

Two great vegetables! What the heck is wrong with this kid?

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Seriously? Table tennis no more of a serious athletic sport than badminton, synchronized swimming, the equestrian (the damn horse does all of the work), and (the worst of the group) golf.

You don't seem to know much about table tennis nor synchronized swimming. I will giving you riding a damn horse and gold but seriously? The other two are freaken hard core! And I'm not a fan of either so not defending them because I like them.

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He's not serious at his profession.

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But I’m going to try eating green peppers.


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160cm and 52 kgs? They should be encouraging his burger fetish, not salad!

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Serrano, like a 17 year old will do that.

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"My favorite food is noodles and meat. But I'm going to try eating green peppers"

Kid - Try stuffed peppers! They're easy - just get some ground beef, chop up some onion, mix that up with an egg and a little salt & pepper, stuff that into green pepper halves, throw 'em in the oven toaster and presto - stuffed peppers!

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Hahaha, he sounds like when I was 7-8yrs old!

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Why does he have to go on a diet?

Table tennis players only need to move one step to the left or right when playing.

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Peter, some mother's ideas of cooking is to buy precooked/premade crap from the grocery store. The kid needs to learn to take responsibility for his eating habits if he wants to do well. He's 17, not exactly a child who needs mummy to cook for him.

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I guess they expect the kid, who is of healthy weight, to slim down to nothing by eating calorie mate and drinking 0 (zero) everything. tsk tsk. Not everyone needs to look emaciated. The kid simply needs to eat what his mother cooks.

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