Ten Hag discovering mess he has inherited at Manchester United


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This is what happens when you sell your soul to the Goldman Sachs grave robbers and a family of vampire capitalists with no interest in football beyond making a profit from their leveraged buy out.

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First thing ManU need to do is get that prima-donna Ronaldo off their wage books. The guy is awful. Surely he has some dignity left, accept that a big club isnt coming for him, take the pay cut, and play out his last season at his boyhood club in Portugal?

Just watch Liverpool smoke Man U at OT on Monday while the green and gold protest scarves and flags are held aloft! 7-0 anyone?

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Man U’s recruitment has been absolutely dire over the past few years.

This is pretty damning:

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… this is what you get when you have Americans in charge of your club …

Fighto!Today  09:58 am JST

you sure seem to have something against Ron (– one of the most professional, hard working players in the history of football, the best goal scorer the game has ever seen, one of the best of all time), did he steal your lunch money or something? look; the man is all about winning and he’s a CL player(!) (and he doesn’t wanna lose his (cl)records to Messi, someone who’s currently playing for a 50 year old club, in one of the worst leagues in the world) ;if he stays with United, his career is over (!) he’s not happy, can’t blame him. (United’s misery is not his fault/this is not about him/changes need to start from the top.)

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