Australian Open to be allowed 30,000 fans a day


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Australia proves what can be achieved with proper measures, instead of urging, debating, planning, Fuwa-chan and rainbow stickers.

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Super spreader event??, Who knows, let's see the numbers after this farce ends..

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Maybe they should host the Olympics.

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If it is like Japan everything will be perfect.

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Much will be said about this in Japan to justify the Olympics. If they can do it so can we. Australia is the proof!

However the situation is so different. Australia effectively no cases for weeks now except in strict quarantine arrangements (, not wishy washy unsupervised voluntary as in Japan. ) which were applied to the athletes as well ( Japanese plans involve waiving quarantine for athletes/official )

melbourne 0 cases per day for weeks and grater Tokyo area well over 1000s for weeks. And this is with large scale testing one of highest per capita in the world (unlike Japan on of the lowest in the world) . When a case does escape quarantine there are strict lock downs ( not allowed in Japan) , increased testing ( discouraged in Japan) and thorough contact tracing ( no longer carried out in Tokyo/Kanagawa and was never that thorough anyhow)

So when the inevitable justifications are made I hope somebody points out the completely different situation

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But Vic cops hand out fines like candy and harass people for next to nothing but seems that COVID doesn't spread at sports event in OZ. Go figure.

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Naomi and Serena already played each other in a tune-up match in front of thousands of spectators side-by-side with no masks

That's what 0 new Covid cases in the last couple weeks gets ya

If the virus stops spreading, people can go back to normal sooner

So stop spreading the virus

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