Nishikori eyes top-five return in second chapter of career


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Nishikori eyes top-five return

I just don't see it. Nishikori is a likable guy and a good tennis player, but he's not going to crack the top-5 again. He hit his peak rankings height during the optimal time - the Big 3 were entrenched at the top, but there was a relatively weak second tier of players following them. It's quite different now that the "younger generation" has arrived in full force. Players like Medvedev, Thiem, Tsitsipas, Zverev, and Rublev are occupying those "second tier" positions and all are still on the ascent, with Djokovic and Nadal still in full force, and we can't entirely rule out Federer regardless of his age or medical condition. Where would Nishikori fit in among that crowd? Top 5? No way. I think top-15 is a good and reasonable goal for everyone's favorite Nishikori.

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Good for Kei!

Gotta have an aspirational goal!

I doubt Kei will be the guy, but getting to number 1 now will be easier because Djokovic says he will focus on the big tournaments now rather than maintaining the top ranking, as he’s tucked that under his belt already.

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Of course himself and his team have to set up goals as high as possible, and keep motivated.

As I commented yesterday, I saw a few of his matches, and in my opinion he plays well and if he stays injury-free and motivated, I believe he can be back into top 20. But I don't think he will be able to make top 10, and I highly doubt top 5, the big three are still hanging around, and the young generation is also flying high (Thiem, Medvedev, Rublev, Tsitsipas, Zverev, Shapovalov, Berrettini, Sinner and a few more).

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Hahaha... can't wait for the bandwagoners to be back on here saying how "next year is going to be his year!" again after having had to give up for a few years. I can see some people already cheering for the top three or four legends to retire so that Kei can claw his way back up -- because nothing says winner like waiting for the winners to retire so the losers win by default.

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