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Naomi Osaka using lockdown to conquer inner demons


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I have said it before. I am really concerned about her mental health. 22 years old .” Regrets before I go to sleep “?

She is not shy but arrogant , the shyness is a pose. Shy people don’t fire their staff every other day. And of course, as a professional athlete she should be training every day, a morning and afternoon session, combined 3 to 4 hours with one week, one leisure day ( only stretching and light workout) the other week 2 days. “ no access to tennis court “ ? It would not have been hard in Florida to have rented a villa with a court or to receive permission to train with one sparring partner. Tennis is with golf a sport where social distancing at training is no problem and with good video setup your coach can see you , live, and offer advice. “ no access to gym ?” You tell me she can not get 3 work out machines at home ?

this young woman is one of the most talented tennis players ever but she needs help

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Robert, what a insensitive comment.

You are very concerned for her mental health yet you don’t know her at all? Shouldn’t you perhaps be a little concerned for your own self, being that judgemental and all knowing?

Everyone needs to be healthy mentally! It is a struggle for the rivh and poor, common folk and celebrities.

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Very little of Naomi Osaka’s life has been devoted to intellectual development and personal growth, and thus meaningful social interactions must be a tremendous struggle for her.

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@Asiaman7--N.O. was home schooled in Florida as a way to maximize tennis practice time I believe. A bit like Ichiro being obsessively trained in batting by his father for years. Obviously brought world beating results for them both, so in a fame/monetary sense it was the right upbringing.

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dear thepersonyouarenow,

I am not all knowing, actually I know very little but I am one of the worlds top sports marketing experts and have done the personal management of both nr 1 mens and women’s tennis players. Actually more than one on the women’s side. so, I know what I am talking about , concerning this subject.

I am concerned about my mental and physical health, thank you for caring, I don’t means this cynically. Your comment is fair on me. I accept it, but do sign your name. Like I do.

I am not insensitive in my comments, actually I am reserved in the comments and really concerned and I have shared that concern with her immediate support team. Her attitude is a defence mechanism but it just as much makes it very difficult for her environment to help her. Flattering her will not help and champions do not need that.

If she is not training every day that is a big mistake. She is a pro, she is young, she must do her job. And I am sure she is.

as a pro, you get judged , criticised on everything, and champions need to handle that. With support of a team, because the fact is that will never change.

she can be one of the best ever but not this way

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I do not sign my legal name on any online things that aren’t necessary.

I highly recommend you do too!

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She needs to get over herself before she can do anything else to succeed. With her, it is always someone or something else's fault.

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Mr. Robert Mass, Shyness is NOT a defense mechanism. Some people are shy, and the world's needs them as much as the extroverts. Pretty much genetic.

I've known some of the world's greatest mathematicians, and among them are so many shy individuals who love to be alone and dedicate themselves to advancing one of the most difficult mental subjects. Among them also are extroverts as well as introvert/extroverts.

So, unless you are her personal psychiatrist or psychologist, your opinion is worthless given your domain of expertise.

I view Naomi as a wonderful, hyper talented young woman who I think should learn to love her shyness. And the results of such acceptance just might be surprising.

I'll always root for her for sure, and adore her shyness. It also just may be that the latter is what makes her a winner. One never knows.

Best regards, stay safe, and make someone else's day a better one,


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Is she struggling because she is not considered as "Native" Japanese ?

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I see her photo's within Japanese product promotions... just as I do with other Foreigners in say, SoftBank's ....

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The background to her story here, could be a good one for JT to follow up upon - (if uncensored...)

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For her Sports related struggling issues... that distinguishes her from a Champion. And it sounds now like she is not that material.

I don't know why she sees the need to follow... someone else on an online media session - does she not feel she knows enough in order to maintain her current level, or at least to try and do better given her past experience.... this speaks bad of her own "personal trainers"... she may as well in that case start following "Joe Wicks"..

Wicks was awarded a Guinness World Record for "most viewers for a fitness workout live stream on YouTube", after achieving almost a million viewers on 24 March 2020 for his live stream.[6] The award was presented to him virtually due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.[6]

She should perhaps reconsider who she pays money to for being a Sports Coach.... if they haven't or won't adapt yet. Indeed, she has an opportunity... albeit short time, to promote her own fitness products for her sport, but... I think ... she's lost that one for now.

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He is not actually that shy - it's just an act , a different persona she puts on for the media in order to become the darling and consequently one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

smart act, Smart girl

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