Nishikori keen to test himself against the best again


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As a sports marketing expert and long time personal manager of world class athletes I can only advice Mr Nishikori to retire. Most of his life he played with a flawed technique which his coaches at young age did not correct and that resulted in a very uncommon wrist injury. He needed to correct his game afterwards but his muscles are set to his old style and this resulted in elbow and shoulder injuries which I predicted years ago. They will only aggravate and a hip injury might be next. He had a good run, but recognising when it’s over is important but difficult. Murray can not do it either. Of course it means the end of the big money from sponsors for both of them as well. Still the body will force them, in 2020 we will see the retirement of Nishikori, Murray, Federer, and probably both of the Williams sisters.

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My guess is that he will be a little “ stronger”on his come back.... very little out of competition testing in tennis.

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There is lot more quality tennis yet to come from the racket of the renowned Japanese star. Wishing Kei Nishikori all the very best in his come back efforts. Good luck.

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Agree with the first post, he has a great attitude but his technique is flawed. Getting Chang as a coach was while a good sounding idea did nothing to extend his carer and may have even lead to more injury. Sadly I think kei should have one last round but I can't see him doing much beyond best 8 at any big tourney. Happy to be proved wrong.

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