Nishikori poised for full recovery after 1st title since injury


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I put no stock in him winning a Challenger event (and would put no stock in it had he lost, either, as he still needs to get back into form post-injury). However, it's good to hear that he's feeling better. Here's hoping he makes a nice recovery and comes back stronger and in better form than he was before.

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Glad he's doing better, and I do hope he does well, but I'm with The Original Wing. It sounds like the media, though, are setting him up for a HUGE fall as usual by propping him up to high before it's seen if he can deliver or not.

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LOL, ‘Nishikori will win the US Open final and many more’, — smithinjapan, ‘Nishikori is done... it’s a fact’ —smithinjapan

... doesn’t see the irony of his HUGE fall comments... or maybe this nonsense is all just for our entertainment (in which case it’s funny only because it’s sad)

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