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Osaka splits with coach Bajin


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Only two years? Something must've happened.

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Money is most likely the biggest reasons. As trainers work with individuals and they become more known or more successful, they tend to demand more money as compensation for their work.

Its the number one reason trainers and athletes split.

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Its all about the benjamins, baby.

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This could be good, could be bad. We'll have to wait and see

Judging from her current form and rate of progress under Bajin, it certainly goes against the mantra of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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Bungle: “I hope Osaka hires a Japanese trainer”.

i hope she hires a trainer who can help her, regardless of nationality. Why would you simply hope the person is one nationality over another? Osaka is where she is because, I’m part at least, of this coach. He took a player with an extremely powerful but wild serve, and taught her patience. If she is not careful, she’ll regress. Given what she’s making in endorsements, it might have been worth just paying what he wanted (assuming that’s the case).

In individual sports, be it tennis, figure skating, jogging, or what have you, coaches can be irreplacable, and the relationships are everything. I hope she finds another coach who can help her continue to improve her game.

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I hope Osaka hires a Japanese trainer.

If she wants the best possible she won't. Japanese tennis didn't make her a champion. Her fired coach did, mainly as he was Serena's former hitting partner and knew how to beat Serena.

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I hope Osaka hires a Japanese trainer.”

They’re talkin’ bout tennis. Not Judo.

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Oh dear, that went well.

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i guarantee this was an issue of the heart. either naomi fell for the coach, they had a fling, or something. much too sudden and now naomi is capitulating on court and emotional off court.

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