Osaka talks about split with coach


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reading between the fairly inarticulate lines it seems he wasnt babying her and she didnt like it.

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I am an avid tennis fan and former player, I closely follow the tour, but I don't understand the fascination for gossip of some people. Players quite often change their coaches for various reasons, from performance, temperament and style compatibility, to financial and personal reasons. Osaka for whatever reasons decided to end the relation with Bajin, and hopefully she will find a new coach soon who suits her needs and wishes

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Love Osaka, just Tennis is soooooooooooooooooooooo boring.

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Sounds like he was focused on getting her to have even more success, but she wants to cruise a little more, play more video games and eat more tonkatsu or something.

Kudos to her for winning the Grand Slam with this stuff brewing between her and Bajin off the court.

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I though the interacting between the coach Bajin and player Osaka was a bit strange when Osaka play Semifinal in Brisbane. Osaka didn't really listen to her coach Bajin and looking to other direction. She lost to Ukrainian player Lesia Viktorivna Tsurenko 6 - 2, 6 - 4. And then, she withdraws from Sydney. Later, she won the Australian Open title.

Naomi Osaka is still young. Her decision may not be right, but she thinks it's a right thing and happy. It's her life and her career. Good luck for her.

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The only issue I think about is this: what if Osaka struggles again? I think she pretty much burned that bridge. If she still succeeds, no one will be upset. She is still incredibly young and still learning about herself and her tennis abilities. I will say, she didn't look entirely thrilled at the Australian Open, rather she looked relieved as if to say 'thank goodness this is over.'

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