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Tennis star Osaka slams 'ignorant' sexism from Tokyo Olympics chief


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Naomi Osaka, has a platform to, in effect pursue a political agenda, that the rabble could only dream of.

I ask you, is it wrong or misplaced to question or challenge this agenda, whether if, we as the ordinary voting public, should question Naomi Osaka commercial motives?

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Strange how people think Osaka should have no opinions other than the ones on tennis. The same people who make numerous posts here and on other sites.

100% correct. I think there are probably quite a lot of sexists out there who would throw up their hands in shock at the suggestion that that's what they are, but... (Yeah, you are... those of you who say she should stick to tennis/stay in the kitchen.)

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Both are widely overestimated. Better put your spots onto the main stage.

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I think we all know Naomi Osaka is, without doubt an exceptional, inspirational tennis professional.

However, with the aid of social media, Naomi Osaka has to consider the implications to leverage this platform to purse a political agenda, especially with all the sponsorship continuations.

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Did she just discovered???

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You know, 'saying someone speaks with ignorance' or is 'ignorant' is not an insult or "impolite". Look it up.

Ignorance is when someone lacks knowledge or information, either through no fault of their own, or deliberately.

It does not equal calling someone 'stupid' - which is an insult that I am always careful not to use.

Mori is ignorant of many things, and at his age it is clearly deliberate. I would hope that most other people wish to be more informed and aware, not less.

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I disagree that Mori could retain his power if she went up against him. She’s much more popular a name now and he’s unknown globally. If she called for his head, he’d be sunk. He she be taught what it’s like when a powerful woman REALLY speaks up. That’d serve him right.

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Bob, I agree with Naomi Osaka.

Naomi Osaka held back, testing, evaluating public opinion, it is the very definition of focused managed marketing strategy. Timing is of the essence.

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Naomi Osaka, held off, and may I humbly suggest staged managed the retort?

To perfectly timed.

It’s 48 hours after Mori’s ‘apology’. How is this holding off and perfectly timing her response? Would you have preferred it within 12 hours, 24 hours, after a week, after the Olympics, not at all?

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Perhaps she should put her money where her mouth is, refuse to represent Japan while Mori is still in post?

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Well Ma-Hu, contextually I am referring to the timing, the political growl,

Naomi Osaka, held off, and may I humbly suggest staged managed the retort?

To perfectly timed.

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She’s entitled to her opinions, and so am I. And so I wish she would shut her trap as I think politics in sport really sours it.

Politics? Do elaborate. Is she running for office? Since when has criticising a stupid comment been a political move?

What are my politics for criticising your comment? I think she has as much right to comment on this issue as anybody, more than most even. To borrow a phrase from you; those who object might be better shutting their trap.

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itsonlyrocknrollToday  06:27 pm JST

The photo is so, no thank so you very much, obvious. Growl if you must.

What does this mean?

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The highest paid and one of the most famous female athletes in the world, who will represent Japan in the Olympics, commented on something reprehensible said by the head of the Japanese Olympic committee, which has made headline news across the world.

Yet some posters still twist themselves into knots claiming she’s unsuitable to comment.

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Lose the attitude and the product placement.

The photo is so, no thank so you very much, obvious. Growl if you must.

But the timing, and the sponsoring, is so excruciatingly toe-curling obvious.

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Wow. She talks a lot! Somebody get Mori on the phone!


18 ( +20 / -2 )

I also want to hear the reasoning behind those comments,

Maybe if you actually lived in the country you represent, you might have a greater insight on the nature of its gender relations. Hint: they're nothing like they are in the much more progressive and less-discriminatory country that you choose to live in (but dont want to represent).

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high ethics, strong moral values, and a great tennis player.

I wanna know how can i rise my kids to be like her.

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I think she should stick to her sport and leave other stuff out of it. If not, she might get her finances and passport status more scrutinized. After she is done playing tennis in the future due to age or an accident, will she return to America and use that passport?

"I think that someone that makes comments like that, they need to have more knowledge on the thing that they're talking about."

This statement stumped me. Was it English to Japanese and back to English again?

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Simian Lane

You are wise and speak it well.

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"ignorant" sexism

Is there any other type? (Intelligent sexism, thoughtful sexism, etc. I don't think so.)

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Osaka stopped short of calling for Mori's resignation, but said he should be made to understand why he has caused so much offense.

She's always careful in her comments where Japanese are concerned. She knows how influential Mr Mori is and the impact it may have on her sponsorship etc. if she were to comment bluntly....

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Regardless of what you think about her, some women have to speak out about this or nothing is going to change. If you are fine with nothing changing, that's the same side as Mori.

It is borderline fake news to say Mori "apologized". All he really did was retract the statement. He answered further questions from journos by saying he'd retracted the statement, so they should shut up about it. The rest of the press conference was then abruptly cancelled. He did this while being extremely well paid and representing Japan to the world.

19 ( +28 / -9 )

Good for Naomi-chan. So much for all those who constantly complain that she doesnt care about issues in Japan.

Keep speaking out against injustice as you see it, Naomi-chan, we are standing with you.

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