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Texas Rangers introduce prized import Darvish


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The suit and dye job look sharp. Better than your average host club employee.

As a fan of cheesy T-shirts, I was disappointed that JT's Darvish picture of the day didn't show everything he was wearing when he departed from Narita. Under his (likely non-UNIQLO) jacket he was sporting a ganja leaf t-shirt with the slogan "I Will Survive." I wonder if that's going to be his theme song when he runs onto the field (check the contract fine print)?

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Darvish knows he’ll have to adapt off the field as well, and said he’d work at becoming more “Americanized.”

That is something I have never heard from a Japanese player coming to the states.

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At 6-foot-5 (196cm) and 216 pounds (98kg), his size and command of pitches figure to be baffling for U.S. batters.

Whoever was covering this for AFP has no idea what they are talking about. All kinds of pitchers are the same size if not bigger/taller than Yu. Jason Verlander surely comes to mind. I am sure they are a lot more, too!

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@Godan you're absolutely right (except it's Justin, not Jason, Verlander). On the Detroit Tigers roster alone: Justin Verlander 6'5" 225, Doug Fister 6'8" 210, Rick Porcello 6'5" 200, Max Scherzer 6'3" 220. I don't think anyone is going to be baffled by Davish's size. His command of pitches in the majors is yet to be seen, but I don't think it will be "baffling".

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