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Thailand's Pongsaklek wrests WBC flyweight title from Kameda


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Kameda was running around the ring, trying to get away from Pongsaklek for most of the bout. Kameda got the s**t beat out of him -- blood pouring everywhere.

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I hope this means we see a bit less of the obnoxious Kameda clan now.

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NB: The third judge scoring this meltdown a "tie" must be either blind or on the Kameda payroll. What a joke.

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I'm slightly disappointed Pongsaklek didn't get the KnockOut over Japan's favorite boxer. Koki shouldn't hang his head though, he went 12 rounds with the best flyweight of all time.

On a slighlty different note, How about having your new champion as a green hair, cross-dresser...like K-1 max has now. WOW

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One Kameda punk down and one to go. I will admit that Koki faught a clean fight not like his brother. He did complain about head buts a lot and I didn't see any intentional butting from Pongsaklek. He drops down when he throws that body punch and Koki kept leaning into it. Also that shaking of his left hand is really stupid when the other guy is hitting him at will.

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Koki fought well but he was predictable. For nine rounds he got on his bicycle and tried to run around. But, Pongsaklek was ready for that and circled him like a tiger hunting his prey. In the late rounds Koki tried to fight and I have to give him kudos for that. If the kid would have had the same stones he had in the last rounds he may have won.

Well now he has to prove himself and I do not think he can get away by boxing bums. He needs to get in a few real fights and he may have a shot at the belt in less than two years. But again, he needs to fight some contenders and not some bums.

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