Three-goal Kagawa leaves Ferguson purring


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Next week for a REAL test. Norwich? My grandmother couls put three away against them. Calm it down U man!

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@YongYang Give the boy some credit. A hat-trick against any Premiership side is impressive.

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Absolutely, Jimizo. All I can say is, Hazard who?

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@YongYang ye right that's probably true, or not.

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I applaud Kagawa but I'm not trying to ingratiate myself with Man U fans. My dear old grandad would turn in his grave.

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I was able to watch the match live. Kagawa didn't do anything spectacular. He just positioned himself really well, was fed with beautiful passes, and was decisive with his shots. It was a real snoozer until he started scoring, then the game got entertaining really fast. Unless you're a Norwich supporter.

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There was that REAL test. Told you.

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