Thrilling City-Liverpool draw leaves title race on knife edge


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How many of the players are actually English?

Don’t you know?

Foden, Stones, Walker, Sterling and Grealish often appear for City and England. Trent, and Henderson are regulars at Liverpool with Jones getting more of a look-in. Englishmen like Elliot, Gomez and Oxlade-Chamberlain have seen their chances reduced by injuries. That’s off the top of my head - I may have missed some.

Surprised that you didn’t know this. These are 2 of the best English sides in memory for me. I know you are better on politics in the UK after reading your views on the ‘Labor Party’.

Anyway, glad I could help.

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Two of the best English sides I’ve ever seen.

How many of the players are actually English?

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All 4 scorers will be at the World Cup. Looking forward to it.

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Tense, exciting game with a draw probably a fair result.

They both now have to play Champions League quarter finals games on Wednesday evening before meeting again on Saturday afternoon at Wembley for the FA Cup semi-final. The schedule is so tight it's crazy, no idea how the players can perform to such a high level every three days.

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The show must go on. No team deserved to lose. Well played Liverpool FC and Manchester City. Gaffers Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have been outstanding throughout the season. All the best to their footballers and fans.

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Liverpool are brilliant!

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Great game. Any fan from anywhere was treated by that match.

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That was a proper game. It's City's to lose, but there will be some sticky moments and lousy refereeing decisions between now and the end of the season.

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Two of the best English sides I’ve ever seen. Someone compared this to the great Arsenal v Man U rivalry but these two just play football - no boxing like you got with the likes of Keane and Viera.

Good to see. I thought City were going to stroll away with the league.

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Excellent fightback and result for Liverpool. Man City look the likelier to slip up from here, even a draw will cost them, whereas I see Liverpool winning all remaining games.

It will come down to the final weekend, and I think Liverpool can win this!

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