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F1 rivals Verstappen, Hamilton crash again at Italian GP


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McLaren's one two finish is big news. Congrats to the team and Ricciardo and Lando. Norris wanted the win, and had the faster car, but team orders to not mix it up and go for the top two podium kept him in check. Lando accepts his time is coming, and takes his second in stride, with a happy win for Daniel.

Max gets a 3 next grid penalty for not avoiding the collision. It was the right call. While Lewis wasn't backing off in the least, the collision was caused by Max, who refused prevention of the accident.

Max will never learn to back off when he should, and obviously his temper gets the worst of him, as he doesn't bother to check if Lewis is hurt when he knows his car rolled over the Mercedes. The halo most definitely saved Lewis' life. Max's rear wheel would have come down on his head squarely if no halo.

Both drivers need to talk it out and realize the consequence. I don't like Max' win at all cost attitude, but it is a part of racing for competitive drivers, and we've seen it before with Senna/Prost, Vettel, Hamilton...pretty much all top drivers at one time or another has taken out another car.

The next time someone could get hurt badly, so it's time to scold the two drivers and let them know the penalties will get harsher. It should be about life itself, but competitive penalty may be the only way to get through to the drivers.

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I don't like Max' win at all cost attitude

Except for this part, I completely agree with your statement, I actually love that "do or die" attitude, F1 racing should be on the edge . This whole "gentlemen" thing is great for cricket, but I can't really complain when drivers fight to the bone. All greats are this way, Senna, Schumacher, Prost.....and yes Hamilton too. Verstappen is one in the making.

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Drinking champagne from his shoes? Madness !

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A 3 race ban for Verstappen would have been more appropriate.

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A 3 race ban for Verstappen would have been more appropriate

Sure take the fun and risk out of F1 driving, everyone will drive meakly behind each other and only pass on the straights. Ham and Max, both drive on the edge, and both don't give in. Of course if you're a "fan" you'll always choose sides and open yourself to a lot of frustration. Pity, you'll be missing out on a lot of fun, you won't even be able to be happy for McLaren with two of the most sympathetic drivers on the grid.

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