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Tokyo's Olympic stadium using timber linked to rights abuses, charities say

By Matthew Ponsford

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Whoops!! due diligence was overlooked, again. How's the prep for the World Rugby going? Have they managed to get the Olympic flame positioned in a safe spot? Really don't want all that wood (illegally harvested) erupting on opening night.

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who gives a rip? wha wha you can always find idiots looking for trivial stuff to cry about

-6 ( +4 / -10 )

Dango Bong

And you can always find idiots willing to complain about the people who cry.....

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Should have used all the cedar trees in Japan that give off pollen, oh I forgot overseas lumber is cheaper.

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Japan has a long history of importing products regardless of their origin. As long as the price is right the origin is not important. Japan is the world's largest importer of endangered rainforest timber from Brazil and you can buy rhinoceros or elephant ivory hankos (name stamps) at nearly all of the specialty hanko shops. This Malaysian timber would be the cheapest they can find due to cutting the cost of building the stadium. This report should come as no surprise and nothing will be done about it.

And, thank you to the webpage developers who fixed the issues with typing from an iPhone. The auto-correction and auto-punctuation are working again.

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Kenjo must have a very good reason, Kenjo is a leader in using sustainable timbers in all his structures. There is some wrong again about this story. The timber Kenjo is sorting for his structure must come from where he knows and how it was managed. Yes he is dealing with a Company know bad practices but the timber Kenjo sorted would not be subject to the same practices.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

Why aren't I suprised?

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Who's Kenjo?

If you mean Mr. Kuma Kengo then you have no idea what you are talking about. Basically Mr. Kuma is an architect, he has no control or say on where the building material is needed to be procured.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Unless they produce signs in my motherlanguage I refuse to visit those Olympics.

Not that I have insane money they are trying to make me pay for a seat anyway...

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Is anyone actually surprised?

4 ( +5 / -1 )

At least it isn't as cheap since the US banned tropical woods several years ago. They are going to get a ton of bad publicity over this.

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Why keep moving the "Olympic Games" around, keep them in the same place all the time! It will sure save the World's People a lot of money!

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I'm surprised everyone is surprised.

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Im building a holiday house on a budget at the moment and hand to agree to use wood due to cost, are the olympic stadiums really being made with wood? Too many pockets to fill i guess. WTF

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Tiring: Yes they do have a say, Government are notorious for changing due construction, Mr Kengo has not even replied to the allegations. Allegations made by a few new quozie green orgs chasing international Publicity. The IOC department covering standard have not commented yet.

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