Tokyo officially submits 2020 bid to IOC


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Here we go wasting money again! It's like clock-work... every 4 years the yen goes flushing down those Olympic rings...

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This kind of thing should really be put on hold until the lives of everyone affected by The Tohoku earthquake has been returned to some kind of sense of normality. No doubt the powers that be will argue that it's 8 years away, blah, blah, blah, but they'll be spending money that's rather desperately needed elsewhere right now from Day 1.

Of course, I realise I'm preaching to the choir here

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This could on the other hand help Japan to boost it's comfort with foreigners.

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Great - so the government is crying that they have no money for pensions etc . and have no other choice than to increase taxes for everyone but magically they have plenty of money to waste on another Olympic bid...fat envelopes under the table from construction company buddies can work wonders I guess.

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"...delivering the file..."

I think they mean, "delivering the thicker than last time, padded envelope".

No money to help the kids in Fukushima, no money to get the people out of shelters that are still in them in the Tohoku area, no money for social systems so we have to increase taxes, and yet here's the government bailing out TEPCO again, wasting MILLIONS on yet another Olympic bid, and spending it on other wasteful projects as well. I really, really wish the people of this nation would rise up and get rid of all the scumbags in office -- they are nothing but self-serving old oyajis, and Ishihara and the people vying for the Olympics in particular don't care one iota about wasting money on another bid. Worst yet is that they are, once again, squeezing victim-hood for all it's worth to appeal to the IOC. Last time it was, "As the only nation to suffer atomic bombings, we feel we are in an ideal position to host the Olympics -- we'll even break the rules and host it in two cities!", and now it's, "This will help lift the spirits of the people of Tohoku (in 8 years), and even though Tokyo has nothing to do with them and is not helping them one bit, we might throw them a javelin or shot-put event (once again, breaking the rules)". Pathetic.

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It would be funny if Tokyo won the bid, and then was unable to pay for the stadiums and other constructions.

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Nice work Japan. Flush yet more money down the toilet on a 5 ring circus bid while people in Tohoku freeze.

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Maybe Ishihara has a plan in mind to employ all the displaced and unemployed of Tohoku in working for the construction companies that will build and renovate...all within 8km of ... where? Ishihara's estate home somewhere in Tokyo? That's a huge radius, by the way. Imagine millions of tourists etc. trying to zip between sport events all over Tokyo, from Mitaka to Sumida-ku? Good luck with that!

Hope Japan is rejected on the first round, for the sake of Japan.

Then, can the J-gov't get back to saving the country instead of their own backsides?

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