Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil ticket prices


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I hope they have a plan to stop scalpers.

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Count me in for some of those cheapo tickets cause I know im going! I'll get whatevers cheapest can't wait!

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But fans of the marathon, softball, hockey and other events will be able to score tickets starting from just 2,500 yen.

Meaning that, for the marathon, you get to see the start and finish, and then fall asleep for two hours in between. Not to mention needing to be in your seats by 7AM.

BTW there is no hockey in the summer games, it's traditionally and more commonly known as field hockey.. One is placed on ice, the other grass.

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More than half the tickets on sale will cost less than 8,000 yen

As if 8,000 yen per ticket was something a family could easily pay for.

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Get a vpn so you can watch the BBC coverage instead.

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YubaruToday 07:28 am JST

"......BTW there is no hockey in the summer games, it's traditionally and more commonly known as field hockey.. One is placed on ice, the other grass...."

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Ooops - Yubaru, my message meaning that depending on where you come from "Hockey is Hockey".

Growing up I played a few seasons of Hockey. It may be officially known now as Fiield Hockey, but to many in nations where the sport is big, it is often simply refered to as Hockey.

Whereas that other Hockey played in the cold, in these same nations, is always called Ice Hockey.

There are 2 Hockeys - Field & Ice.

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What is wrong with scalpers? The organizing committee needs to save taxpayers money and scalp tickets themselves; charge what the market will bear.

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I have quite a few friends and family abroad whi said they are coming to visit me in 2020 then go and see the Olympics. I told all of them that they also have to apply for tickets if they want to go. I am not going to order everyone's tickets then they flake out and I get stuck with them. Online auctions sites are becoming extremely strict nowadays for reselling tickets.

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you can't use today's exchange rates to compare. also you have to tracks into account the devaluation of the money over time.

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take into account*

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If you are special guest of JOC or IOC you pay at least 300,000 yen or your VIP means nothing but cronyism.

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There are 2 Hockeys - Field & Ice.

A field game with sticks is known hundreds of years BC from Greece till Mongolia and inhabitants of the Rainy Island called it 'Hockey' around the same time that they performed stone throwing and other field games like 2 teams kicking a skull of an enemy warrior, later known as football.

Hockey is present on the Summer Games since 1908.

Hockey also known as icehockey is 'invented' in Canada in the 19th C and called 'hockey' in Canada, the US and the Nordic countries., in the rest of the world it's known as ice hockey as they know, play 'field' hockey as well.

'Field' hockey is a relatively small sport internationally but played in more countries than the skate game.

Hockey and ice hockey is distinctive enough :)

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