Tokyo gov't panel to propose 3 Olympic venue changes as costs mount


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"The proposed changes, which would require the approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and each sport’s international federation, are the latest in a series of setbacks and broken promises for organisers who had won the bidding largely on Japan’s reputation for efficiency."

No surprises here. It'll sky-rocket AND be held all across the nation, not only breaking promises of a compact and cost-effective Games, but others as well.

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including moving rowing and canoeing some 400 kilometers from the capital, media reported on Wednesday.

Which is not a totally bad idea, spread things out more, however 400 km that is between Nagoya and Osaka, that is pretty damn far.

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Everything will be fine. Always is.

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Cycling will take place in Shizuoka Prefecture, about 200 kilometers west of Tokyo

This is not true. Those events are in western Shizuoka Prefecture (in Izu), less than 100kms from Tokyo-to.

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It seems like there is no point at which deviation from the original proposal invalidates it.

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No worries, Preparation is under control , Everything is under control. No panicking, It is and will be smooth sailing.

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Look, Rio 2016 demonstrated that the IOC will not turn back once a decision is made. So, it is entirely likely that the entire profile of the 2020 Games will be completely different from the proposal on which Japan was awarded the bid.... and the IOC will do nothing.

As long as they get their money, loans, contributions, special favors and the like....

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Typical of so many things here, and yeah well other places too I am sure, but because I live here I have gotten used to the BS as business as usual.

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Spread it out? Why is that always the solution here? Nuclear waste? Spread it out! Olympics? Spread them out!

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So the athletes competing in these events will have to commute 100 to 400 Km from the Olympic village to and from the events? How about spectators who want to view these events as well as other events, will they have to choose? Will there be affordable lodging for spectators and families to stay for the duration of the competition in these events?

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This is obviously spiraling out of control and may involve outsourcing some of the 2020 Summer Olympics to China (LOL! :D) or the outright cancellation of the whole thing. Otherwise, it will probably involve a significant increase in taxes in order to make it all happen. It's really sad to see this happening with so many Japanese citizens who are still stuck in temporary housing because of the Fukushima disaster. Maybe they will be able to move into the vacant Olympic Village luxury condos after the games are finished though, right? :D

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