Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village to be hydrogen-powered


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I think this is such a wonderful initiative and would dearly love an opportunity to be involved in such a magnificent project.

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it's funny how they only thought about this for OLYPMICS' sake and didn't propose this idea to their own people who are suffering in Tohoku, this is also a good idea as an alternative to maybe someday replace the Nuclear power plants and they can build these facilities or research areas for these system in Tohoku and give people there jobs!.... but this is only meant for this 2 week event so called OLYMPICS. To impress international visitors! Pathetic!

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The whole thing should be run on hot air - there is plenty of that going round on this whole Olympics project.

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Good luck.

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How will you get the hydrogen? Actually doing that will use more electricity than just storing oil/coal-generated electricity in batteries. Thus it is the opposite of eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly is clean and safe nuclear power, where 1000 years of pollution free energy could be provided by known uranium reserves, if fuel is reprocessed.

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@sengoku38 You are almost right. In order to produce Hydrogen (from water molecules) it would take almost the same amount of power (electricity) that it will generate. Considering the loss of energy by heat and friction the consumption of electricity to obtain Hydrogen will be fairly more that the energy that it will create..

In the other hand, Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and we can find it in many other elements that other than water (like ammonia).

Also, have you calculated the amount of energy that oil/coal consume compared to the production of energy of it? considering the energy you need to extract the oil/coal, transport, purification, process,.. I think the total energy consumption of oil/coal will be far more higher than producing hydrogen. Water you can find almost everywhere so transportation is cheap... oil you have to dig a well, put in on an tube, carried in tankers and trucks, take the to the refineries, transport the purified fuel to the gas stands... pump it... my my so much use of energy...

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You people don't get it.

The biggest concern and criticism against renewable energy is it's not reliable to be fed into the grid. Now solar power plants can be hooked to hydrogen production plants and churn out hydrogen whenever the sun shines or the wind blows in which hydrogen that is produced can be stored and used when there is a shortage.

The Hydrogen society is coming whether you like it or not.

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