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tokyo 2020 olympics

As unpredictable Games loom, Japan's sponsors struggle to adapt

By Eimi Yamamitsu and Maki Shiraki

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All of these companies are multi-trillion dollar companies. They could take this as a complete loss and still make profits. I am sure the CEO's are far from struggling, sitting at home in the dark, eating un-cooked Ramen, and fear mongering due to covid.

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Slow in action is the norm of Japan. The system of the country is consensus.

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From the start, Japan seized on the Olympics as a rare marketing opportunity: Tokyo's bid touted omotenashi - exquisite hospitality.

Now it can tout something even more unique: omotenashi-nashi

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From FT report:

Olympics sponsors call for Tokyo Games delay to allow more spectators


On the one hand, they are scrooge type profit seekers to the bone. On the other hand, a few months delay would be less controversial only if the Games can't be fully cancelled. The pandemic aside, Japan's hot summer is also sometimes deadly. Quite many die every season of heat stroke. Like covid, aged are mostly affected.

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"struggle to adapt" ?? surely not. (⌒▽⌒)

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if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. They had their chance to pull out, scale back or raise health concerns. Instead, nearly all obediently did what the govt and the Games officials told them, including handing over the highest amount of cash on record by far.

If their association with the Games hurts them, it will be entirely their fault.

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I agree fully with Jefflee and would like to add, they can stil pull out. They have kept their part of the contract by paying and can redraw without penalty. McDonalds did it in 2017..

But they are too scared to upset Dentsu and to be refused future advertising slots on tv.

they can stil speak up and demand postponement.

Being Asahi surely they are not without a voice if they wish to use it and their contract stipulates they have pouring rights at venues. If government forbids it that overrules the contract stipulations. While they have lots of non alcoholic products they would run into coca cola’s exclusivity.. so push for postponement and stop whining.

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80% of Japanese citizens want the games cancelled or delayed.

70% of Japanese businesses want the games cancelled or delayed.

Olympic sponsors want the games cancelled or delayed.

The IOC, JOC, and Japanese Government insist on pushing on in spite of all of the above.

NBC and the IOC seem to be running Japan and Suga and the LDP are just puppets of external, foreign powers.

No one cares one bit about the Japanese citizens.

Selfishness beyond belief.

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But their message has shifted away from the standard images of Olympic triumph.

"I don't think people have written those triumphant scripts," Grasse said. "It's a much more kind of muted respect for humanity."

A muted respect for billions of dollars and fear of Dentsu more like.

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struggling implies trying though

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Selfishness beyond belief.

Marukawa has lost her mind completely. This is like wartime propaganda:


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If they’re going to force these games through, let’s just hope that they are a dismal, joyless spectacle, so that it can be clearly seen that the only priority the IOC / government have is financial in nature. This could be the games which, once and for all, pulls back the veil and demonstrates that the whole “sport uniting the world” thing is a charade.

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End the unpredictability by cancelling them.

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I would have more respect for a company that supports the wishes of the people of Japan.

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"At this point, no amount of publicity we could get would make up for what we paid."

Yeah corporations hate being grifted and not being the grifter.

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Japan's sponsors struggle to adapt


Japanese people are the most flexible and able to adapt…….

I couldn’t even finish that lie without shaking my head.

oh well sponsors, maybe next time learn how to make moves quicker and be ahead of the game, instead of always trailing.

excuse me, while I shed a fictitious tear for your losses

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Asahi is complaining.?Thanks to Covid19 there sales are up. Massively. Unfortunately mother and pop bars/restaurants are failing.

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I am wondering just what these 'public viewing sites' are!!!

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Asahi used to be my beer of choice. I'm switching to Sapporo, or more likely a local craft beer.

I was thinking my next car would be an environmentally friendly Prius. But I will not support a company that supports the pandemic.

And I like Ayataka green tea (from Coca-cola), but you know, O~i Ocha is better.

Sponsors who don't pull out are part of the problem.

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Now the sponsors are weighing in. The optics for them are worrying and could backfire on their brands if local and global sentiment grows increasingly against holding the Olympics during Japan’s national emergency. Each day, sponsors will be calculating whether to stay, withdraw or attempt the craft an appropriate message so as to avoid a serious backlash or boycott of their products.

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Why do I suspect sponsors want the Olympics cancelled so that they can claim at least part of the money they invested in the Olympics back?

Why do I suspect that the JOC and IOC do want to cancel because they don't want to pay anyone back?

I also wonder if the JOC would be happy if the IOC cancelled and the IOC would be happy if the JOC cancelled.

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As unpredictable Games loom,

Better we should have 'predictable' Games, I suppose...the planet's most adaptable species B'wah hah ha ha Humanity in a nutshell...

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FACT: The I O C have stated: The Control of the virus, Those who CONTRACT the virus, those who DIE from the virus, THESE ARE FOR THE HOST NATION to deal with.

TRANSLATION: The IOC demand the CASH. The Mega Super Spreader and its effects are NOT OUR PROBLEMS.

CONCLUSION: The JOC has to ask themselves, Do We Operate A CASH over CARE Games.

Is a Human Life, less important than medals, less important than cash.

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The Olympics has been a clown show for decades now, sad to see Japan get roped into this money scam, but at least they will fare better than Brazil. The IOC is one of the most corrupt orgs on the planet. #fact

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