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Czech Vondrousova beats Osaka in third round of Olympic tennis


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Tough luck, Naomi.

The scoreline suggests something was physically wrong with her? To be able to get this far, after the pressure of lighting the cauldron and being the most famous person on earth for that moment, is testament to her toughness.  

Good on you, Naomi. Japan still loves you!

Still the doubles, and mixed doubles to come to get that Gold!

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Don't want so revel in somebody's loss so will say well done Osaka, unfortunately not your year. I think perhaps time to step away from tennis and assess how all of the far left political stuff you got engaged in has damaged you on court and damaged your image.

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Good on you Naomi. We love you. No trolls can rob you the success you have achieved so young.

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Maybe too much mental pressure of expectations from Japanese folks - feel sorry for her but such is life. Better luck next time.

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Good to hear. Next time, be more professional and cry less. Japan gave you everything it could though.

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Break out the sake!

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VERY disappointing Naomi-chan

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Gambare Nippon:

The scoreline suggests something was physically wrong with her?

Maybe she was ill. Maybe her opponent was too tall. Maybe she was at a disadvantage with no Japanese crowds. Maybe maybe maybe. But nothing to do with the fact that wasn't good enough?


Nishikori is still in the hunt.

Yep, this could be his year!

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32 unforced errors in one hour, impressive!

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Too bad for Osaka and Japan. Them's the breaks someone's gotta win, someone's gotta lose. She's still a winner, just not this time.

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Come on, everyone, don't be churlish. A wooden spoon at the Olympics is still an achievement!

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wow, I'm curious how many of the posters who jump on the Osaka bashing bandwagon have actually watched the match?

Osaka did not play her best tennis, her biggest weapon, the serve was letting her down, and lots of errors; however, her opponent played incredible, and Osaka's so-called "unforced" errors had to do a lot with that. The service returns were insane, and all the shots were working wonders. She had an amazing day, congrats.

With No. 1 and 2 out, now the women's draw is wide open.

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Shortly after the match was over, organizers said that Osaka had left the venue and would not be talking to the media.

Now I get it. You decided to join the Olympics and do interviews because in your arrogance you decided you are going to win. But now that you lost, you don't want to talk to the media. The mental health crap kicked in again did it? And why did you light up the cauldron? There are many more Japanese athletes that have done more for Japan than you have ever done and they didn't have any mental health problems either. Even Ichiro declined because he thought he was not good enough, but you, you jumped at the chance to show off. Very very disappointing!

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Readers, there is no need for nasty comments. It makes you look petty.

You win some. You lose some.

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Shortly after the match was over, organizers said that Osaka had left the venue and would not be talking to the media.

What an example to show the youth of Japan.

That's the spirit Naomi-Chan!

This is why you were the best choice to light that Olympic flame!!!!

(Said someone.......but not me.)

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Some games you win, some games you lose. It's sport Naomi- chan. You have to accept it and enjoy more games like other payers. We know your shy person but the sport fans want to see you're smiling face because they love you. Go to the interview room and answer the question from the Sport Journalists after the match. You should learn some jokes and share with journalists, then you will become enjoy talking to the journalists. Some peoples can train such as shy person to become friendly person. You have to change personality for while you meet with press. It's your business and they make you star and you can make hundred millions of dollars like Roger Federer.

All the best Naomi-chan.

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Wow, my all time favorite Mar-Chan took it. She sure did super well under pressure. Will have to search out the media interview. Must be awesome with that sweet accent of hers.

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Thats tough, no doubt

I feel like as a key representative (lighting the fire in the opening) she should've spoken to media though - win or lose.

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Just met a better opponent in Marketa on the day. I'm still wondering why Naomi-chan's second round win got next to zero coverage yesterday.

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Not a fan of young Miss Osaka by any means, but she is only 23- that's younger than MY kids. Cut her a bit of slack. Let her grow up a bit and then start to pile on if you must.

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Shortly after the match was over, organizers said that Osaka had left the venue and would not be talking to the media.

It is not a sustainable strategy to run away when things don't go your way, either in sports or life. I don't quite see what her issue is - all she needs to do is answer a few questions - they can be short answers or long answers, it's up to her. She does not have to entertain the media or put on a show for them - if you lost and played poorly, just say so. Like Venus Williams said about how she deals with the media, she knows that those asking her questions have never been and never will better tennis players than her, so she doesn't care about their critiques of her. Naomi should adopt the same mindset.

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Marketa Vondrousova was slippery and indeed artful, studying Naomi Osaka game.

Hey, indeed them are the breaks.

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I think Marketa Vondrousova must be a good tennis player.

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I love her because she shows many people for who they truly are. Better luck next time Naomi-san.

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Shortly after the match was over, organizers said that Osaka had left the venue and would not be talking to the media.

Every other Japanese who lost seemed to have had no problems giving a short interview. Just a show of appreciation to their fans and supporters? Like the gymnast who fell flat on his face or the swimmers who couldn't even qualify for the finals despite all the hype - they were still able to compose themselves. So, Osaka is once again doing herself no favours with this sort of behaviour. Everyone loses once in a while. That's life. She could sure give an interview after her win over Zheng the other day. They even did her a favour by providing an English-speaking reporter.

I am not trying to 'diss' her. I am just stating the facts. I wish her the best, but she needs to help herself first.

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Good for her. They got to see her play tennis. That's what she was there for. No one is entitled to any more than that, no matter how entitled they act, and angry they get in their entitlement.

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Not a fan of young Miss Osaka by any means, but she is only 23- that's younger than MY kids. Cut her a bit of slack. Let her grow up a bit and then start to pile on if you must.

23 means she is an adult. I saw an interview with Sky Brown (check her age). She was a very delightful, happy, care-free and intelligent young child. Even a fractured skull isn't going to stop her. And there's a reason why her family chose Team GB and not Japan.

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What a great athlete, she lost and soon left again? No press time Osaka? So you still wanna be in the limelight only when you win? Great example for the young tennis players of Japan! Glad she's out

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The scoreline suggests something was physically wrong with her?

She didn’t adjust well to the indoor conditions, I’d suggest.

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Actually Naomi “returned” to answer questions later, so it’s not like she fled.

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Congratulations to Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic.

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Naomi Osaka is young and there will be other opportunities for her in the future. - Best wishes to ALL.

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Naomi had to leave without talking to the media 

She did talk to the media though…

Even tennis stories need a fact checker these days!!

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Naomi Osaka.

She has been ranked No. 1 by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) and is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles.

Prize money$19,735,032Official

Career record246–136 (64.4%)

Career titles.

Nothing to prove.

Longevity is gold!

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Congratulations to Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic.

Go for it!

I wonder in 10 years or more how these Olympics' will be remembered?

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Perhaps less politics and more sport?

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Why do so many people think that they know what Naomi Osaka is thinking and tell her what to do. Let her do what she likes! Personal freedom. She is a tennis player that is all. Let her do that. If she does not want to talk to trolls at press conferences why should she? If she wants police to stop shooting young black guys let her!

Enjoy her tennis and let her be.

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Her opponents are expected. It’s her own countries’ fair-weather “fans(?) that are probably more disheartening for her:

* - @NipponGlory 2:37pm** “VERY disappointing Naomi-chan” -*

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This is what happens when a supposedly athlete is concentrating more on silly politics and racial speech than on her sport. And the fact that she refused to talk to the media after she lost tells a lot about her maturity. She is a disgrace. Have a safe return flight.

She just needs time to grow, but the defeat should take her down a notch and humble her to the point when she realizes that having fans is crucial when you’re in the public’s eye.

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*I wonder in 10 years or more how these Olympics' will be remembered?*

I wonder if they will be remembered.

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I wonder if they will be remembered

If they’ll be remembered at all.

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Geez, alot you are really ash it wasn't her day. Even the best of the best have a one-off day and lose.

You might feel good bashing her but that doesn't take away anything from her. Naomi is probably down with the loss, no need punching someone who is down.

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Pukey, yeah I read a bit about young Sky, she seems like a good kid. Yet...why is she representing the UK? As far as I have seen, she has never lived there, never trained there. Dad hasn't lived there since he was a teenager either. These OIympic rules are strange..... not to mention letting such young people compete. Really have mixed feelings about that. Love to see a minimum age of 16 or even 18 put into this kind of thing.

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Congrats to Vondrousova! She is a real champion that doesn’t cry when things don’t go well.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

Apparently the thing about her “leaving the venue without talking to media” started with a tweet by some foreign journalist that was subsequently deleted, and the journo then acknowledged that she talked to media.

Probably just jumped the gun for some reason…

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There are moments when you can be defined as a good player in your sport or one of the greats. Today actions have squarely pushed Osaka into the “good” players for the time being.

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Fighto: “Good on you, Naomi. Japan still loves you!”

ummm… you know what it means when you need to say that’s right?

in any case, she did her best, but she was beaten by a better player. It happens. She was one of Japan’s predicted gold medals, though, so I sure hope the people do indeed still love her.

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If you give interviews only after wins, it’s a maturity issue. There’s nothing nasty about it. Osaka needs to grow up.

7 ( +10 / -3 )

If you give interviews only after wins, it’s a maturity issue. There’s nothing nasty about it. Osaka needs to grow up.

Yes, Osaka needs to grow up and understand that even though she's famous for her ability to play tennis, the people are entitled to so much more than that, and she is denying the people of their entitlement. It makes them angry.

-5 ( +7 / -12 )

Interesting how the usual apologists and local media must always find and excuse when a Japanese player lose.

Couldn’t be that the Check athlete just played better than her and she deserved to win?

Congratulations to Vondrousova and as a fellow European I wish her to continue her journey.

Sorry Naomi Osaka,another time.

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If you give interviews only after wins, it’s a maturity issue.

She gave an interview today after losing, so what is this?

It was a “fake news” story that she didn’t give an interview, because she did.

Some people wanna say that the sky is purple although it is blue though, strange amusement…

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Editor: Story has been updated to include Osaka's remarks to the media.

Good job!

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

That's disappointing , but well done Marketa.

Doesn't change my respect for Naomi one bit, she has a good head and a kind heart!

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

It’s simply the underestimating or self-overestimating, one of both. She should have very well known as a pro player that they have an extraordinarily big and strong tennis infrastructure in Czechia (also Spain btw). So you simply can’t come to court with a feeling I am loved, I am the local hero , and higher in ranking and have lowest odds with the bookies. No, if you know a little about tennis and tennis training in Czechia then you also as top10 player need to feel like the complete underdog and fight your innermost out just to get a nearer grip to a little chance, as it just doesn’t play a role if the opponent is in top10 too or 42nd or 120th.

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I meant Czech.

Anyway again,congratulations to Vondrousova.

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