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Djokovic will play at Olympics only if fans allowed


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That's right, not only put yourself at risk make sure you take others down with you , what an idiot

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Narcissism a la carte !!..

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Guess you won’t be coming.

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Only Japanese athletes will be cheered up.

Olimpics used to be a festival of cultures and ethnicities.

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Was a complete narcissist!

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Djokovic will play at Olympics only if fans allowed

If not, I'd think twice about participating."

So the title of the article is factually wrong. "Only if" is not the same as "think twice."

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Remember, he already had covid and recovered. So his personal risk is low. I think he still refuses vaccination though.

Tennis, golf, cyclist will be the ones starting to redraw more and more.

Some will speak out, some will have some quick curing sudden injuries.

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His best days are long behind him and a player as old and injury prone is looking for any excuse to avoid being humiliated by younger stars.

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He 's cunning. Just a polite way to say he won't be coming.

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Danielsan, you do know he is currently no. 1 in the world, and won the latest grand slam, the Australian Open?

And I agree with Zoroto, the click-baiting title is wrong.

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Djokovic, a flaming narcissist. Disregarded all rules and protocols to prevent the virus from infecting others. Already had Covid, after hosting a super-spreader event.

Indeed, number one, as Nadal and Federer age. And the youth are preparing to dethrone him over the next couple of years. He's a placeholder - though gifted, essentially those who could beat him are pushing into middle-age and soon retirement.

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