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Germany's Wellbrock wins men's swimming marathon in brutal conditions


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They are swimming in Odaiba, right.

I thought the water was not clean enough to swim there. That's why Odaiba beach is wading only. Lucky athletes!

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Used to do triathlons. Yes, you do sweat in the water.

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The avg temp of the water is 27 c.

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I love how they're swimming in Tokyo Bay(!), where we members of the public aren't allowed to swim due to the pollution, and would never want to anyway. Gotta love the Olympics!

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I thought summers here were 'mild'.

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I thought we'd seen the last of that idiotic medal biting.

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Brutal also describes the “foul!” a poor Brit was subjected to before he could even start:

*- Hector Pardoe, Britain elbowed in the R. eye, his goggles knocked off, and emerged from the nasty water with a nasty gash and a swollen eye. “My goggles were completely snapped off and I couldn’t see a thing,” Pardoe said. “I didn’t realize how bad it was. It was all blurry in my eye.”*

He will need some serious blood work and a battery of immunizations for any number of staph & other potential bacterial infections he and the other athletes may have gotten if they equally fouled in Tokyo Bay.

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I thought the beaches were closed?

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Nice photo

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Hope they got all their shots after swimming in that swill.

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I love how they're swimming in Tokyo Bay(!), where we members of the public aren't allowed to swim

Who says that you can't swim there (after the Olympics)? A sign 遊泳禁止 doesn't criminalize swimming per se. I know that there are some countries in the world where ppl are fined for ignoring red flags on a beach but that's impossible in Japan.

There are basically only two scenarios where swimming can be punished:

1) The place is a reservoir used for drinking water (水道汚染罪(刑法143条))

2) The place is private property (建造物侵入罪(刑法130条))

Other than that, you can swim wherever you want.

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Congratulations !! to Florian Wellbrock of Germany on *HIS *GOLD medal.

There’s still more of Tokyo’s GOLD to be had !!

Go for it, WORLD ATHLETES !!


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Great ‘positivity’ by Silver & Bronze medalists for their best efforts.

Kristof Rasovszky of Hungary, who finished 25 sec behind the Gold said:

*- “I tried to be the best of the rest.” -*

Equally admirable was Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy coming in next for the Bronze.

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Poor Olympique swimmers, they have to be in a very polluted water to win a medal, for 3 of them anyway ...that’s a « brutal » murder !

Is it an « exaggerated » choice of words ?

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Brutal condition? 'Nice word' to describe your host country weather.

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This just in...It's summer and it's hot!

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"Brutal" meanwhile thousands go to the sea to cool off...

A "Brutal" swim would involve sharks!

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