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Gold for Ohashi, Aussie swimmer Titmus; Ledecky easily wins 1,500 meters


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It is truly petty! These athletes bust their butts to get the chance to participate in the Olympics and from the way these articles are often written, they somehow failed because they didnt win a gold medal!

I'll bet none of the writers can say they were "Olympic" athletes, and maybe that affects their judgement in how they write the articles!

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The fact that Ledecky didn't even medal is a first ever - therefore deserves to be highlighted. It is not showing disrespect, merely highlighting what is a pretty big shock.

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The real question is Did Coach Boxall go nuts again with his celebration!? hahahahaha That was excellent!!

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An hour after the 200-meter freestyle, Ledecky won gold in the 1500-meter freestyle, a full 23 seconds faster than Australia's Kiah Melverton.

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An hour after the 200-meter freestyle, Ledecky won gold in the 1500-meter freestyle, a full 23 seconds faster than Australia's Kiah Melverton.

She won, and was 4 seconds faster than the silver medallist, Sullivan.

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Congratulations!” the ALL winners and ALL the medalists!

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It appears that a person has won a competition.

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Pretty stunning Gold for Ohashi Yui. Fantastic. Well done indeed!

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About an hour after finishing the 200-meter freestyle, Ledecky held off teammate Erica Sullivan to win the metric mile in 15 minutes, 37.34 seconds.

Ledecky was a whopping 17 seconds off from her World Record, and nobody was that close

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Go Japan! Top of the Olympic medals. Well done!

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Congrats beating the USA!

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