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Hashimoto takes gold in gymnastics


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Congratulations!” to Daiki Hashimoto on YOUR Gold.

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Well done to all. Didn't see it - or rather couldn't see it. As usual NHK decides it won't stream the important events live. Watched the weightlifting instead - that small Chinese guy was powerful! And a word record! And the Venezuelan and Indonesian guys were clearly over the moon with their medals too.

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Watched the whole thing and was honestly surprised, because I did expect the Chinese athlete to take the gold (especially considering Hashimoto tripped twice during his landings, one of the times stepping off the mat).

Also great job Dalaloyan and Nagornyy, there's still the individual rounds to go, so better then!

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A 3/10 deduction for failing to salute the judges!!! Glad it didn't make a difference in the end because I'm sure that would've been a lifetime full of regret and frustration.

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@pukey That weightlifting was pretty impressive, the Chinese dude was a beast, so ruthless efficient in in lifts, the Indo guy getting bronze from group B ? that’s nuts!

Gymnastics was on TV, nhk-e or bs1 IIRC. I think i saw it being streamed on the gorin site too. I have noticed nhk olympic site doesn’t stream something when it’s live on one of the other terrestrial channels. They do have a lot of events streaming live and many with English commentary.

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These gymnastics finals have been phenomenal to watch, nail biters all the way through!

“I didn't feel any pressure or nervousness.”

The mind of this kid, unreal. Hashimoto's reign has started.

Pro tip: get a VPN set up and watch on the BBC website.

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I enjoyed watching this - it was super close! He really nailed that last routine.

But man, do the Japanese TV crew give a lot of face time to this guy. There were other teams doing events in the same room but they probably had the camera on his face for 30% of the entire night missing out on other action.

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Yes, I had a feeling the events not being streamed were being shown on TV. Don't have one, and I'm not going to stand on the balcony with my 15-year old galapagos keitai watching one-seg.

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