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Norway's Blummenfelt wins men's triathalon


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Did a triathlon once. The problem is transitioning between bicycling (which uses hamstrings, thus shrinking calf muscles) and running (which does the opposite). Got off my bike preparing to run and almost fell over. It's the transition that you've gotta focus on.

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This is the event that was forced to restart after a boat blocked nearly half of the swimmers when the start siren went. The other half had already jumped in and started swimming! Complete chaos! They restarted 10 minutes later and nearly half the athletes had used up energy already! Pathetic organizing skills from the officials! On top of all that they swam in the polluted Odaiba marine park area…wtf!

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The restart was unfortunate. If you watch the replay, you can clearly see the camera boat blocking half the athletes. Why the official started the race anyways is bizarre. I'm guessing its because he was told to start the race at a certain time, and being Japanese, that means starting the race and doing what he has been told to do without thinking about it.

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Complete failure from the organizers.

Complete disgust not even mentioned in the article.

Shall have been postponed.

Any competitor to make a claim ?

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What a run by Blummenfelt! He even threw up after her crossed the finish line and rolled around on the ground for awhile. He put everything into it.

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Congratulations to Kristian Blummenfelt, Alex Yee, and Hayden Wilde.

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