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Olympic torch relay organizers take measures against coronavirus

By Karolos Grohmann

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Do these measure include handing out dust masks that do not stop microscopic particles?

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I can picture it now. The runners are running down the street guarded by plastic barriers that allow people to look but allows nothing in. Runners are running with gloves and masks. With each handoff, there is someone in between that disinfects the torch and then pass it on to the next person.

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The torch is not passed on JJ, the flame is...

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The torch is not passed on JJ, the flame is.

Good point. Strike my last part of the scenario from the record.

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I know its bold but I think they should hold the Olympics next year (put off a year). If even 1 person dies it just won't be worth it. Lives and health are more important than sport. They can still have it, just postpone it, makes sense

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the International Olympic Committee has said it had been advised by the World Health Organization that there is no case for contingency plans to cancel or relocate the Games.

how utterly irresponsible. there should at least be a plan, several in fact

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It’s quite likely that the coronavirus outbreak will die off as winter ends. However, the major concern of the heat and humidity in a Tokyo summer still remains.

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