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Organizers apologize for introducing Ukrainian athletes as Russians


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A simple mistake. But watch, here comes the stupid comments.

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Two exes for the price of one?

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Not nice at all,but this reminds me a few years ago when a Dutch broadcast in a football game between The Netherlands and Germany displayed the lyrics of Germany anthem from WW2.

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Happened in the opening ceremony as well when introducing the Dominican Republic. Was pretty funny, in my opinion, when the announcer corrected herself.

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Seems to be a thing at these games, what with Bach殿様 and his "Chinese....Japanese people".

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Tokyo Olympics organizers have apologized for introducing Ukrainian athletes as Russians

What Russians?

They're officially banned from the Tokyo Olympics.

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That is a big faux pas. It is like the head of IOC referring to Japanese as Chinese. Lol.

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Sadly this doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm more surprised they felt the need to brush it off with a pseudo-apology, and not just blame and sack one secretary for it; that's de rigueur, isn't it?

I noticed yesterday that during the skateboarding medal ceremony, when they announced Sky Brown's bronze medal the announcer said 'Great Britain' in English, but 「英国」'England' in Japanese. Surely it should have been 「イギリス」?

Bit of a faux pas for the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, No?

Even the article, which I'm pretty sure was written by an American, referred to the US skateboarder and 'The rest of the world'. Do we get our own flag and national anthem as 'The rest of the world'?

Brings back memories of Mariah Carey in the nineties, when she didn't realise 'Africa' wasn't a country.

I'd have thought the Japanese would have more of an eye for detail, but I guess if its good enough for NBC and the home audience, accuracy doesn't matter tuppence.

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Isn't this kinda like Texans gettin' in a huff because of being introduced as Americans?

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Isn't this kinda like Texans gettin' in a huff because of being introduced as Americans?

Are you kidding me? So you are considering Ukraine as the part of Russia? Go learn history and geography.

Where the hell are moderators on this website and what are they doing? People can come and say that there is no my country, that we are just a part of Russia, that we "just need to wait for 4 years more and there will be no Ukraine anymore"? What is going on?

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Get less emotional Marina,yes Ukraine is not Russia and it’s a sovereign state totally independent and separated from Russia.

But what the previous poster just with irony wanted to state is that they’re also similar as well which is true.

Russia and Ukraine share the same ancestral history from the high medieval era and even nowadays in Ukraine itself and this includes Kiev Russian is spoken in every day language.

So yes politically it’s different but this can’t untie your common grounds.

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William77, don't teach me my history. You can go to Taiwan and tell them they are a part of China. Or to Okinawa people, because Ryukyuu kingdom bowed to Chinese Emperor, not to Japanese one. Or how about telling American people that they are a part of Great Britain, because they "can’t untie their common grounds". Yeah, seems like I am an emotional here, but please don't forget that Ukraine is at war with Russia. And my people are dying.

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England in Japanese is Ingurando.

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And yet you still reply in an emotional way Marina to me,I come from your same continent,actually I am a western European and a citizen from the EU so of course politically I side with Ukraine and not to Russia,but you still miss the point here.

You can hate Russia as much as you want but culturally and historically you have bonds.

This is similar like when Croatians and Serbians separated,they basically speak the same language with regional variations and because of politics they decided the speak different languages.

And to be on topic the mistake was just human,and if we apply your emotional thinking then every Canadian should jump on your throat if it is mistaken by a US citizen or an Austrian would swear at you to call him German.

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You can hate Russia as much as you want but culturally and historically you have bonds.

Why do you think I hate Russia? I have lots of friends from Russia, more of that there lots of nice people there like elsewhere. What I am really angry with is Russian government and nasty comments here. The moderators have done their job finally, so you don't see the comment about "haha, just wait another 4 years and there will be no mistake anymore". How should I feel?

And sorry, but examples given by you about Canadians and Austrians are a liiiiittle bit another thing. Just because their neighbor countries don't try to conquer them.

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And sorry, but examples given by you about Canadians and Austrians are a liiiiittle bit another thing. Just because their neighbor countries don't try to conquer them.

The examples perfectly fits,and the assumption of your strong dislike for Russia was clearly assumed from your harsh words.

Again I still think you got too emotional in all this,it was just a mistake by name which can happen.

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Pukey2Today  02:25 pm JST


England in Japanese is Ingurando.

As a transliteration, yes. But historically foreign countries, even outside of Asia(亜細亜 ) originally had names written in kanji; you can still see 米国 ,濠(太剌利)on meat in the supermarket. All European countries had names in kanji, even the UK; 蘇格蘭- Scotland 北愛蘭- Northern Ireland. Wales was always classed as England and Wales together, so no Kanji.


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In the scripts only appear Russia and China, what else did you think, where such errors come from?

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well japanese do more mistakes,just check japanese version of world map.

south of Sakhalin peninsula not coloured as russian even its part of Russia.

Kuril islands not coloured as part of Russia even these are part of Russia.

Crimea peninsula not marked as part of Russia-even its part of Russia.

so yes thats why i am "not surprised" at all...

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Sakhalin is an island, not peninsula.

How does it feel to write comments about something that you have little knowledge and that is not related to the article at all?

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The Ukrainian region of Crimea was annexed by Russia

That's incorrect. Russia sent in troops and TOOK Crimea from Ukraine. It was an act of war.

This mistake is like introducing a French team as Germans during WW2. Or Koreans as Japanese when they were at war. I get that all white people look alike.

Major faux pas here.

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Or North Korea being introduced as South Korea.......... imagine Dictator Kim blowing his head off and firing an ICBM

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