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Organizers unveil Tokyo Paralympic symbol to mark 100 days to go


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Looks ableist to me; back to the drawing boards, fellers!

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Are those the three c‘s?

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At least they didn't waste too much of our taxes on the stage. Looks like its from a small kindergarten show.

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Cloning the Nike swoosh? How original, somebody got paid though.

"We will continue to prepare for a safe and secure games where athletes can deliver their best performances, which will become a light of hope for many people," Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said at the event.

"Please support and watch over our athletes" who are training in difficult circumstances under the pandemic, organizing committee President Seiko Hashimoto added.

With a helping of hazy, maudlin sentimentality from the leaders indifferent to the daily suffering of the public.

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Wow! Another effortless symbol. Make an effort why don't you.

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organizers are now playing up the para-games, in a pathetic bid for public sympathy. Para athletes were on NHK News 7 last night, etc.

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With *this: “**Nearly 60% say Tokyo Olympics should be canceled: poll**” staring the IOC boldly in their faces? - ***Headline from Today 6:32am.

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I wonder how many medical staff, or indeed rehabilitation professionals for the recently disabled, could have been funded with the amount of our money Dentsu got thrown at them for daubing three curved lines on a plain background?

And how soon it will be after this heist is over that cuts "have to" be made to facilities for the disabled because there is suddenly no money left?

This is shameful.

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Despite the Paralympic athletes’ relatively young ages, overall general health and stamina, They are some of the most vulnerable. The IPC president is ignoring data that has been compiled by his own committee:

“ Paralympic athletes have unique preexisting medical conditions that predispose them to increased risk of illness” -

data are from studies conducted during the last 3 Paralympic Games.” -

- “Illness is common in Paralympic athletes, mostly due to infections (respiratory, skin and subcutaneous tissue, gastro-intestinal) infections often occur in athletes with spinal cord injury. A delay in reporting of more than 24 hours which could have important clinical implications.” -

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Someity-chan is *symbolically casting aside the 3 C’s aside** *here, so the Games can proceed as planned.

- @TokyoTelegraph 6:45am. “Are those the three C’s?” -

She will be the ”scapegoat” later when they need someone to blame.

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The Paralympic symbol was unveiled


This article makes it seem like this "Three Agitos" logo was an invention of Japan.

This is not new nor in any way created by Japan.

This is the official, PERMANENT, Paralympic logo for EVERY Paralympics, akin to to the 5 Olympic rings.

Its been in use by the Int'l Paralympic Committee since 2003.

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looks like strains of a virus flowing through the wind.

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Whoever designed the symbol totally lacks imagination and creativity.

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I can't wait until the games start! I look to forward seeing Japanese teams and athletes win gold medals. Nippon!! Nippon!!

-23 ( +2 / -25 )

There are more serious and important thing world wide now happening,like the Gaza conflict or how in the U.K. reached a milestone in vaccination having only 4 dead of Covid but here the propaganda keep hammering with these Olympics/Paralympics.


13 ( +13 / -0 )

IOC and Japan have no moral conscious at all.

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Didn't Koike said the Olympics would be wonderful?

The "Three Agitos"

Wow! Real original. I wonder where that came from? (Sarcasm)

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What happened to the baby bib logo?

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I can’t wait until the games are finished I look forward to hearing from the J gov about their next idea

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a light of hope for many people

LOL! Yeah I'm sure all the people dying in their homes, losing their businesses and being socially isolated will turn it all around after the first 100m dash.

Which event is inspiring hope in you? For me it's the high jump. If it wasn't for the high jump I'd have completely given up.

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But they already had "Fukupy" which would have been free and more importantly the perfect analogy.

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2020 Summer Paralympics will begin on: Tuesday, August 24, 2021

and ends on: Sunday, September 5

2020 Summer Olympics will begin on: Friday, July 23, 2021

and ends on: Sunday, August 8

What will all the news and support crews (Doctors and Nurses) do between August 8th and August 24th when the games begin?

We are looking at 45 days here, and that is not counting pre games arrival to acclimate, and post games to clean up, pack and leave. Lets add a week to get ready and a week to leave (14 days). So we are looking at about 59 days that will be taken away from the Japanese public. Shameful, pathetic, selfish and absurd.

I hope you get your shots before this calamity starts.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

That's a boomerang that, at the moment, appears to be going forward, but give it a moment, it's going to come right back and smack Japan in the side of its face.

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Japan has created a lot of really cute characters, such as Kumamon (representing Kumamoto Prefecture) and even the little guy symbolizing Nara who has deer's horns growing out of his head but otherwise looks like a Buddhist monk. But the Olympic mascots are truly ugly. They looked like they were conceived in the cigarette-smoke drenched and slightly tipsy, alcoholic daze of some bureaucratic office:

Kacho (department head): "Omae! Create mascots for the Games before you go home today. I don't care if you have to stay up all night to make it!"

Yakunin (functionary): "Yessir!"

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"Agito" is Latin for "I move."

Well I'm not moved. But I am agitated.

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Should have been a red circle with a red line intersecting it

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Agito is a Latin verb with a range of meanings, including I move, agitate, shake up, arouse, incite,

If the J-gov plan is to agitate people, then they are succeeding brilliantly.

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Looks like they Sanoed Nike.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I wonder how many millions a Japanese Ad agency got to create or consult on this?

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Incidentally, the Latin verb "agito" also means "I drive - as in to move cattle, slaves etc. in a specific direction".

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The Olympics spokespeople should just use these characters for all press conferences. Maybe they can just answer with cute expressions whenever faced with a tough question.

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I think the title is misleading, could you see about the possibility of fixing it :

*Organizers display Paralympic symbol to mark 100 days to go *before the Tokyo Paralympic

Thanks @ divinda

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111 days until it's all over.

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Is it really necessary to further torture own bodies and display such behavior in wide public when already rather damaged or have disabilities? I don’t understand that whole thing at all.

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Erm... isn’t this just the normal Paralympic logo??

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Looks good, may the be a resounding success and many dreams come true.

-9 ( +0 / -9 )


RecklessToday 01:25 pm JST

I am sure all of the foreign fans will love it!

Especially those with a hammer and cycle attached.

-5 ( +0 / -5 )

Unveiling something that the rest of the world has seen since 2003???!!!!

Shouldn't they have at least made a mascot with one leg? I'm disappointed.

Now, let's get back to more important things, like the pandemic and how people are dying needlessly.

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So about a month and a half of the Olympics? What could go wrong there? Sigh …

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3 crescent moons..

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We should raise sales tax to 15% to make this the most successful Olympics ever!

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Surely for the Paralympics they could have made the effort to have a mascot with a disability?

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