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Pink signs to mark designated traffic lanes for Olympics


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Talk about shifting the problem, make highways more expensive so people don't use them, shifting them to other roads, it will be a mess.

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The signs look difficult to read—lack of contrast

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More brainlessness, During the games the highway toll should be zero so those who's tax money was used for the games can get the hell out of tokyo cheaply and lessen the traffic problems. Most Tokyo people i know are not happy about the games or the organisation or lack of by the twits making stupid decisions.

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Seems like a good idea at first, but it also seems like easy targeting for terrorists

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Just think about all the meetings, and the meetings about the meetings, and the drinking parties to celebrate the meetings about the meetings, and the rest of the meetings that dozens of people must have had to come up with the final color and design for those signs.

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Who else is escaping Tokyo whilst the Olympics are on?

I'm going to Hokkaido to see family so that I can avoid what will only be a huge mess..

Humid Tokyo weather and even more congestion than usual? No thanks!!

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When Oslo and Norway decided not arrange the 2022 Winter Olympic even IOC ask them to do so, among many reason for not doing it was that all IOC member with their drivers should have a special road line to be able to move around in the city. IOC's 7,000 pages requirements of luxurious items including their own drive road line, being treated as Kings and Queens with access to the King and Queen turned the will of the people to arrange the 2022 Winter Olympic.

But knowing the eagerness of some Tokyo and Japan politicians to hoste this 2020 games they have accepted this i can see. Then i can only wonder which other extravagant hospitality demands made by the IOC Tokyo have accepted.

Please show us Tokyo!

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mitoguitarmanJan. 11 08:39 am JSTThe signs look difficult to read—lack of contrast

Pink is a lousy color to try to read. They should use deep red or a dark blue writing for better impact.

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Yeah, and Nothing will stop people from flipping on the hazard lights and blocking half the streets to go buy smokes or wait for someone, or just turn it into their own personal parking lot with one of those made up "I have permission to park here" signs they stick on the Dashboard if they want to. Ultimately, people can just pay a little more to use these be they going towards the OLympics or not. How are they going to enforce anything?

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