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Poland's Tomala wins 50-kilometer race walk


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My friend in the UK sent me a message referring to it as "Olympic duck waddling". Pretty accurate.

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Glad this is the last time we have to see this stupid event at the Olympics.

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Duck waddling, yes, but also grueling, needing resilience, toughness, epic energy and more. 50 km, awesome

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I have strong mixed feelings about the olympics. One of the feelings is there is so much political crap involved such as where to have this walking event. It was a huge useless time and energy wasting debate because of the tokyo heat and humidity. And if anyone knows anything about summer in japan us that it is hit and humid everywhere.

Case in point. It's now 34 c in tokyo and it is now exactly 34 c in sapporo.

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Really an awful "sport"

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Why not have the "10km hop", "20km skip", "5km backwards walk", etc.

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