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Sapporo says it is unprepared for Olympics amid COVID-19 resurgence

By Ju-min Park

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Nishio sums it up.

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I don't understand why Hokkaido all of a sudden had such a rise of infections. It was no longer winter so no peeps traveling to the ski resorts from across Honshu. Not that cold anymore so more windows open in buildings and flu season coming to the end. Not even after the New Years celebration were infections that high.

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Two years down the track, critics say organizers have effectively leapt from the frying pan into the fire.

Officials in the city say they still don't have key information, including the number of athletes to expect and details.

"There's no action yet," said Takashi Okugi, a Sapporo city official in charge of Olympic preparations. "We don't have enough time."

2 years to plan, and they still haven’t started? And they have roughly 6 weeks to go?

Sounds like typical Japanese procrastinating procedure to me.

What’s the issue? They are right on schedule, in Japanese terms…..

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‘Don’t worry’, he says: “All is well” -(Daijobu).

- “World Athletics chief Sebastian Coe gave the test event high marks, **saying**organizers were able to deliver both on the operation of the race and on their COVID-19 countermeasures.” -

The temperature and weather, temperature COVID conditions are roughly the same in both May and July-August, right?

We can trust them, can’t we?

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High infection rate for Hokkaido - Golden Week "after-burner"?

Same like Okinawa? Guess it's (almost) too late to cancel that marathon.

Listening to medical staff from up there: too many infections, not enough ICU beds, people who desperately need surgery will not be able to get it done, and so on. Dump (not just) this marathon. People's health should come first!

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They forgot to mention the major decrease of cases in Sapporo over the past 2 weeks.

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” we don’t know the number of participants “ ?

HEY ? The number of athletes per event is known for 8 years.

The governor can decide to allow zero spectators if he wants, so also no problem

BUT they know the resurgence of the virus came after Mr Coe’s “ near perfect test event “ from May.

as for the promises on safe bubbles:

in world cycling, enal Bernal Winner of last week's Giro d italia was positive 2 days after and an entire protour team just pulled out with a positive case of the Tour of Switserland.

2 players of both the Spanish and Swedish EURO soccer event are positive already.

leader Rahm pulled out of 4th round of golf tournament, positive test.

all of these are in “ safe bubbles” The list is endless. The athletes always come through quite well but the public ??

Hokkaido is the proof after the May test event, that is why they are so nervous

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For those thinking about taking the marathon events away from Hokkaido at this stage, it’s impossible. The athletes have specifically prepared for the Hokkaido course and conditions. These long distance road events are the most difficult for venue changes. Same goes for road cycling.

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*Entirely too much ‘*tunnel-vision’ by those ‘in charge’. 

“With less than 2 months to go, Hokkaido has the second-highest COVID-19 rate in Japan, 43% higher than that of Tokyo. Sapporo’s population of just under 2 million, accounts for almost two-thirds of new cases.” -

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‘The Triad’ (the IOCLDPJOC) need to stop ‘squinting so much’ less they fail to see the whole of Japan and ‘its People’.

- “Both city offs & resids are nervous about the huge influx of athletes and support staff at a time the city's medical system is already stretched.

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Perhaps the people of Shiga want to jump in on some of that JOC yen? If ‘the Trifecta of Ignorance’ (the IOCLDPJOC) insist on continuing with their Games, @robertmaes 9:33am aren’t the majority of roads around the eastern side of Biwako in Shiga ‘flat, wide, remote from the general population and quite breezy’ for a marathon in July? (They’re already frequented by cyclists daily.)

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Just keep those who are covid + at home, mask up , and only allow vaccinated people to participate in the race, as runners or race attendants.

There, all fixed and no more worries.

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in world cycling, enal Bernal Winner of last week's Giro d italia was positive 2 days after and an entire protour team just pulled out with a positive case of the Tour of Switserland.

Even if players are in a bubble, the team staff is not always, and the same for the family members.

Bernal did not hesitate to kiss his girlfriend just after the finish line, hug with some family members. All do the same.

Pro cycling has been stricter to retire teams, than the pro sport in Japan where only 1 case does not justify a team to retire

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Forbid crowds from forming, and make it a televised event. It is a shame, but what alternative is there, is one does not want to turn it into a super-spreader event?

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