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Some Olympic officials to be tested for virus on daily basis


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to require officials from overseas to be tested for the coronavirus daily

How about Japanese officials?

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Lol, is this news? Isn't that standard protocol in many countries for at risk professions anyway? Head back in the sand guys.

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Cancel it and don’t let them in. They shall spit and saliva-spread their deadly virus loads anywhere else, but not here!

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Why would there be overseas officials if they are not in contact with athletes and coaches? What is their purpose? Handing out tissues at venues?

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If you implement this strict COVID-19 testings of officials and athletes during our wonderful Olympic Games you are going to find hundreds or thousands of positives which will ruin the event and bring shame upon Japan.

It would be better for you to implement a similar testing method as is currently used in the general population of Japan. That way the Olympics will be the best games ever and we can show the world how humanity has overcome the virus.


A concerned citizen who is hoping for the most wonderful Olympic games since 1964.

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are all countries sending athletes, reporters TV crews etc ? What about poor India at the moment?

People are entering countries and test negative on departure and arrival... lo and behold 4 days later they are positive.

Also there are cases of people being vacinated catching the virus.... I feel very sorry for Japan who has done nothing to deserve this virus

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There are no words to describe the levels of idiocy coming out of these morons day after day.

From one clueless statement to the next day after day, it's such a shame that the world will be witnessing just how completely clueless the people in charge really are and they are actually too stupid to understand they are that dumb.

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And the thousands of local volunteers that will be commuting daily and be in contact with the participants?

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But the tax payer has to pay 20k plus yen for a test????

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"to require officials from overseas to be tested for the coronavirus daily"

How about Japanese officials?


And the thousands of local volunteers that will be commuting daily and be in contact with the participants?

Yup, this is what I'd like to know too! Several people close to me are working for the games, either directly for the TOC, or partner companies (like NTT, Asics, etc..). There are thousands of people working for the games, and they've already been doing this for years. What about their tests? Their safety? The safety of their families? There are several people (e.g. tech support, translators, etc.) who will come in to contact with athletes and also these foreign officials. What about them?

I also wonder, what happens then, if an athlete tests positive. Are they disqualified?

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I’d hope they test the Japanese athletes/officials etc as there may be greater risk of contracting the virus locally!

Our contingent will now be vaccinated and it’s fair to say will not be bringing the virus to Japan, rather they could contract it whilst there.

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Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have decided to require officials from overseas to be tested for the coronavirus daily..

That's about your average Japanese Taro and Keiko taxpayer who must have severe symptoms including fever 4 days straight before even being considered for a test?...They are the ones paying the salaries of the useless politician and " elite bureaucrat, including Olympics official twits who are supposed to work for the " public". Screw them, ey?

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Japanese cannot get PCR test freely yet despite over one year has passed.

Japan's Suga government prioritizes to defend Olympics than citizen of host country.

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Guys, don't say things like "What about Japanese officials?" At the rate we're going Japan will only be at 1.5% of the population vaccinated by the Olympics, so not only will they not be vaccinated daily, they won't be vaccinated at all! And THAT is why foreign officials need to be tested -- to see if they've been given Covid-19 by the locals. Why else, if they are here for the duration, would they need to be tested constantly if it is not that they may have caught it in Japan? Or is this more of the "appeasing public fears" in a nation that is so utterly far behind in vaccinations that they have no choice but to search for some foreign menace to blame it on.

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Did anyone at IOC and JOC notice that Japan is on US do not travel to country list?

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Amazing how everything has flipped. Before, people were worried about foreign nationals coming to Japan, but now foreign nationals seem to have solved their virus problems. It's time Japan caught up!

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So, they will be doing more daily testing than Tokyo?

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So what happens if they get infected? Do they have reserves?

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It will be virtually impossible to run an event as large as the Olympics in a so called bubble. It’s too big, there are too many moving parts. The Japanese officials are being played by the IOC.

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Man, I just read a copy of the so-called “Playbook” for Olympic athletes in Tokyo. Among other shocking things it says athletes can use public transportation if there are no other options yikes.

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The demand for ""Cash For A Few"" overrides the Welfare For All.

XXCELL This Super Spreader, Please, Please, Please!!!!!!

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There is someone in the minisery of health who still thinks Japanese are immuned to this virus and if it is here in Japan it is from abroad and only non Japanese are infected.

The highest death toll from this virus has been the elderly and considering most don't go anywhere one would think that if there is strong concern that staffs at these elderly homes would be given regular to ensure they don't infect the vulnerable ones they are taking care of but test is so so precious it cannot be wasted in protecting those on their last legs.

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Is it gonna be the anal Covid-19 test?

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