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South African sets world swim record; Aussies add 6th gold


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Baie geluk!

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Swem meisie swem.

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Whoever gave me a negative vote, Baie geluk is Afrikaans for Congratulations.

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The mighty Americans? For the first time in the meet, they spent the entire session Friday watching others win gold.

US keeps losing gold medals they took for granted..

Japan and China have some of them..

Humility lesson in process !!..

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This Olympics is crazy, but maybe because it's in Japan and in rush, so it's hard to "prepare".

I'm pretty happy with the results.

Pretty sad to see Hayakawa Ren (korean-japanese archer) lost her elimination round though, that was the final coming early. An San from Korea is boss.

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On TV, they had Seto and Hagino as to ones to look out for (surprise surprise) along with the American guy in the 200m medley. In the end, none of them made it to the podium! Wang got the gold, despite the Brit breathing down his neck in the home stretch. Didn't see the medal ceremony, but I'm guessing this time both the Brit and Chinese stepped on the podium! Last time, it didn't go so well!

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Congratulations!” to these athletes on attaining THEIR medals. Your families will be pleased with your hard-work and perseverance.

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The US team does not take anything for granted. Aussies have always been strong swimmers, so no surprise by their success.

Japan gets half their medals in the obscure sport of judo. China scores in weightlifting in the lower weight classes, and then a bunch of gold in shooting; equally as obscure. Throw in a few well-earned ones for swimming. But the US will pick up 2-3 more golds in swimming,

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It was another disappointment for hometown star Daiya Seto, who didn’t even qualify for the final of his first two events.

Where's Daiya Seto? He's not even getting to the finals

Is his belly too heavy of servings of humble pie?

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