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Stop the clock: Japan wakes up to reality of Olympics postponement

By Jack Tarrant and Ju-min Park

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Really?? Didn't didn't polls show over 70% of Japanese were calling for postponement?

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"When I learned the Olympics were being postponed, I was honestly surprised,"

This would not have come as a suprise to anyone who didn't have thier head up thier you-know-what.

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It's about time. Get the hospitals ready. And test, test, test.

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It's about time. Get the hospitals ready. And test, test, test.

The hosipitals have been ready. They have been testing testing testing..

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See, the truth abt the corona virus is not out yet. Thank god the olympics is postphoned. Can u imagine the spread ???.

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THIS IS EERIE! In 1988, Otomo released an anime film AKIRA that shows a scene where a billboard shows there are 147 days left until the beginning of the 2020 Olympics. At the bottom right there is graffiti on the wall that says in Japanese [CHUUSHI] a word meaning to cancel something. There are also several pieces of paper with the words HANTAI written on them which translates to a word meaning to be opposed to something. The 2020 Olympics were just canceled today exactly 147 days before they were to begin.


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Omega isn't going to like a stopped stopwatch... will look broken.

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Now all hidden cases will gradually appear, who would've guessed..

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Now they gonna have to spend yet more money to keep the Olympics going next year. It's good that Japan so happened to be hosting this years Olympics. No other nation would've had the financial resources to pull off the postponement like Japan.

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Well I’m sure that once they decide on the specific date at the Olympics will start next year, they will restart the clock for that date. Nice to know that life people now get to see that it’s postponed, and then it’s finally sinking in.

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Turn off the lights, the party over Tokyo

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I feel sympathy for Japan but this postponement was necessary.

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No surprise here.

And no, the hospitals are not testing.

I know of medical staff with severe respiratory infections that cause chronic coughing 24/7 that have NOT been tested!

Japan’s cases have not peaked yet...

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